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Electronic and electrical engineering

Undergraduate courses starting in 2023

The study of electricity and its application in modern systems and devices, underpinning most technological advances in industry and society.

Electronic and electrical engineering is the driving force behind many of our systems, infrastructure and technologies. And as engineers, we have a responsibility to the world through the work we do and impact we have on the environment, society, economy and industry. In an evolving sector, engineers need to combine design creativity with scientific analysis to develop the next products and applications. At Bath, we want to give you the knowledge and confidence to not just keep up with these advances, but to be able to lead them.

On our courses, you’ll discover the technology behind communications, healthcare, transport and energy. You’ll learn how to use technical knowledge and creativity to design and build advanced electronic devices and systems in response to global challenges like sustainability and climate change. And, our partnerships with the UK Electronics Skills Foundation and the IET Power Academy give you access to scholarships with leading companies such as ARM, National Grid and Rolls Royce.

The academic and practical skills you graduate with will help you begin a career as a professional engineer. You could be developing the next smartphone, finding better ways to detect cancer, improving renewable micro-grids, or leading the robotics revolution.



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‘You can specialise into different fields if you like, based on the modules that interest you.’
Sanjae King MEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering with placement year (Graduating year, 2021)