University of Bath

Beyond academia (for doctoral students in science and engineering)

This workshop highlights pathways outside of academia, where the skill-sets of doctoral graduates in science and engineering may be deployed

4 Dec 20182.15pm
4 Dec 20185.05pm

About the workshop

Scientists and engineers, particularly at PhD level are incredibly capable but often struggle to find where their skillsets are best deployed and their ambitions fulfilled.

In this workshop, Dr Ben Miles (University of Bristol) and Dr Sarah Jelbert (University of Cambridge) host a panel of speakers who have each taken interesting and impactful career paths post-PhD.

Find out first-hand what it is like to found a (staggeringly successful) company, generate impact through affecting policy change for the government, or use your academic knowledge to engage with industry professionals.

Each speaker will talk about their personal experiences, including their own transition away from academia into alternative careers. The workshop will kick off by discussing some of the opportunities that exist for individuals with a PhD, how to create your own opportunities, how to sell your skills to employers and more. At the end of the event you’ll have the chance to meet the speakers in person, asking any questions you may have in a less formal setting.

The aim of this workshop is to spark inspiration! We hope you walk away with an increased awareness or understanding of the varied possibilities that exist beyond academia, as well as how to get there.