University of Bath

Building confidence and assertiveness (March)

Learn practical tools and approaches that will help you to be confident at key points in your doctoral studies.

21 Mar 20189.30am
21 Mar 201812.30pm

About the workshop

If you would rather feel the ground under your feet than the butterflies in your stomach, then this workshop is for you. Whether it's preparing a thesis, submitting papers, grant proposals or making presentations, defending your research, or meetings with challenging people, the opportunities to practice confidence are many, but are seldom welcome. Still, by doing so, your confidence can grow to include those situations that were previously too challenging to be entered into. Through practising with the tools and approaches covered in this workshop, you will be better able to take measured risks and so build your confidence and the assertiveness with others that comes with it.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • built your 'map' of confidence

  • developed an understanding of how you may undermine your own confidence

  • used a number of tools to build self-esteem and confidence

  • developed some guidelines for assertiveness to practice with

  • discussed real concerns and heard different perspectives on them

Book a place

Please note - if you book a place you are required to attend the whole of the session. If you are unable to commit to this, please cancel your place in plenty of time and let another student attend. Please arrive promptly to the session and remember to sign the attendance sheet.