University of Bath

Designing a creative public engagement activity

Learn how to devise creative and imaginative public engagement activities including developing a project plan.

10 May 20181.30pm
10 May 20184.30pm

About the workshop

You've given a talk for a local interest group, you’ve been into school to do a practical session for GCSE students, but you have a sense that your activities could be more creative? Know who you want to engage with, but not sure how? Like time to think about the purposes of engagement? This course is for you!

In this practical workshop, we'll take you through a process for devising public engagement activities. Using real-world examples and hands-on activities, participants will devise a brand new engagement activity.

Learning outcomes

During this workshop, you will:

  • consider the needs and interests of different non-academic groups
  • prioritise the purposes for engagement
  • experience a process for creating engagement activities
  • be introduced to a wide range of engagement activities
  • develop a project plan

Book a place

Please note - if you book a place you are required to attend the whole of the session. If you are unable to commit to this, please cancel your place in plenty of time and let another student attend. Please arrive promptly to the session and remember to sign the attendance sheet.