University of Bath

Research data managrment: planning (March)

Learn how to develop a comprehensive plan for managing your data throughout the duration of your project.

2 Mar 201810.15am
2 Mar 201812.05pm

About the workshop

This session will help you develop a comprehensive plan for managing your data over the course of your project and beyond. It will reveal why data management plans are important and how to go about writing one. As well as guiding you through creating a plan for your current project, it will also prepare you for writing plans as part of future grant applications.

Learning outcomes

After this session you will be able to

  • understand why planning data management in advance is important and useful

  • consider the issues you might face with your data, and take suitable precautions

  • complete a data management plan for your current project

  • write data management plans to support grant applications

  • ask the right people for help with your data management plan