University of Bath

The Publishing Process: and how to make it work for you - for Education Students

Aimed at education doctoral researchers, you will be guided through the publishing process and choosing an appropriate journal for submitting a final manuscript

15 Mar 201911.30am
15 Mar 20193.00pm

The workshop is aimed at a target audience of early-career researchers who would like guidance through the publishing process, from choosing an appropriate journal to submitting a final accepted manuscript. The first half of the workshop will introduce the audience to a range of journals in their field and explain the work of editors and reviewers. It will give advice on what journals look for, how to submit a manuscript, and how to respond to reviewers who ask for revisions. The second half of the workshop will deal with queries from the audience and discuss some real-life publication stories.

Lunch will be provided during this session, if you have any dietary requirements please get in contact with us.