University of Bath

What makes an excellent paper? (for students in engineering and design only)

This workshop will explore how research papers are judged for the Research Excellence Framework (REF), thereby informing how to write high-quality papers

11 Feb 20192.15pm
11 Feb 20194.05pm

About the workshop

This session will explore how research papers are judged for Research Excellence Framework (REF) purposes, thereby providing the basis for how to write high-quality papers.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, you will:

  • have a strong appreciation of how REF panels operate in assessing the quality of research papers
  • have an enhanced understanding about which aspects of a paper are most important when they are judged for REF purposes
  • have the tools to ensure that 4* research is written up as a 4* paper.


You will be required to review a number of research papers before the workshop. These will be sent to you following booking.