University of Bath

Writing for a public audience (for science, technology, engineering and design)

This workshop led by a subject editor from The Conversation will guide you through the essentials of writing for a public audience

30 Apr 201910.00am
30 Apr 201912.30pm

About the workshop

Led by an Editor from The Conversation, this interactive workshop will include:

  • why bother communicating your research to the public
  • the benefits to researchers
  • tips on style, tone and structure
  • how to pitch an article idea to an editor

There will be an opportunity to learn more about The Conversation and what benefits it can offer to doctoral researchers.

The Conversation

The Conversation is a news analysis and opinion website written by academics and researchers and funded by more than 70 UK and European universities. Working with an editor, researchers write short pieces that deliver research findings directly to the public.

Benefits of writing for The Conversation include:

  • editorial support to quickly turn your expertise into journalistic writing
  • daily expert request with story ideas offering a way into the news agenda
  • demonstrate your expertise in public
  • raise your profile in the media and among your peers
  • access to metrics that show how many are reading your article and where
  • authors must approve articles before publication – never be misquoted again!