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Adjust copies and printing for size and shading

Advice from the Library Copy and Print team about adjusting the size of your printing and copying outputs as well as altering the shading of your copies.

Lightening or darkening a copy

  • To lighten or darken a photocopy, you can select the Exposure option from the Copy menu.
  • Use the buttons as desired to select the level of contrast: 1 = lightest, 5 = darkest
  • Press OK to save your selection and continue to produce your copy

How to reduce copy size from A3 to A4

The photocopiers will automatically detect the size of the original and use the appropriate paper size (A4 or A3). If your original is larger than A4 but you would like an A4 copy size, you can use Copy Ratio to reduce the image to fit A4.

  • From the home screen, select Copy
  • Select Copy Ratio from the control screen options menu
  • The Copy Ratio default is 100%
  • To reduce from A3 to A4 size, select the 70% option
  • You can also adjust the ratio manually if you wish, using the plus and minus buttons on this screen
  • Select Start to produce your copy.

The video below also demonstrates how to adjust the output size of your copy.

How to reduce and enlarge copies


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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