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Apply for a Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) Student Grant

CLT funding is available to engage students in research, and encourage and support creativity and innovation.

Funding opportunities for students

The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) is delighted to launch two new funding schemes: Students as Producers Grant and Ideas2Action @ Bath. These schemes aim to engage students in research, and encourage and support creativity and innovation in student-led enterprise projects. The schemes have been made possibly thanks to the generosity of the Alumni Fund at the University of Bath and Santander.

Students as Producers Fund

Students as Producers funding enables undergraduate and postgraduate students to present and publish research outputs they have either created individually or have been generated by collaborating with academic or professional services staff.

Students as Producer grants will support students with the costs of attending conferences and enable them to make genuine contributions to their discipline and to related bodies of knowledge.

The maximum award per student application is £500.

To meet the eligibility criteria, student will need to:

  • be undertaking or recently in completion of a taught undergraduate or postgraduate award (no more than two calendar months since graduation);

  • be able to demonstrate the support of academic staff in the form of their supervisor, assessor or – in the case of co-created projects – their academic collaborator;

  • be able to demonstrate how the conference, event or opportunity enables the student to make a contribution to knowledge;

  • provide evidence of acceptance at the conference or event in question, or clear understanding of the process of application.

Students interested in applying for a Students as Producers grant will, in the first instance, secure the support of their academic contact (as above). Applications will then be submitted by the student to the Centre for Learning & Teaching, who will manage the assessment and allocation of awards.

Grants may be made in advance of the student receiving confirmation of their place at a conference or event, but if the student is unsuccessful in their submission then the grant will be withdrawn.

As part of successful funding we would like recipients to produce a short report/summary of their work as a case study to showcase their activity.

Ideas2Action @ Bath Fund

Please note that this fund is currently not open to applications.

The Ideas2Action @ Bath Fund is aimed at students who want to have an impact on the world around them. This can be to test out an idea or take a proposal to the next stage of development. This fund will help to progress a project and build momentum.

Ideas2Action funding enables students to design and lead their own projects, whether it is to improve the lives of fellow students on campus and beyond; develop a business idea to the next stage; help local communities or work on an idea that will support sustainability. The point is to act. As a student, you are encouraged to use your intellectual, technical and leadership skills to make things happen, to change things for the better and to leave your mark.


Ideas2Action grants will support student-led enterprise projects that seek to:

  • test out an idea, product or service with potential customers or stakeholders;

  • develop a proposal that leads to action, change, trade or interventions;

  • run an event or intervention that moves an idea to the next stage;

  • prototype ideas or proposals with the support of key stakeholders .

Project themes

An Ideas2Action project can connect with a wide variety of themes, including:

  • Technological innovation

  • Student health and wellbeing

  • Community engagement

  • Enterprise or business development

  • Social enterprise or student action

  • Learning and teaching enhancement


The success of an application for Ideas2Action funding will be based on the quality of the overall proposal how well it meets the following criteria. Applications (maximum 1,000 words) should provide:

  • clear project objectives and success indicators

  • a sound financial plan, indicating how funds will be spent and evidenced ;

  • potential opportunities to develop beyond the period of funding or proposed activities;

  • evidence of how the project considers the needs of inclusivity, accessibility, equality and diversity;

  • evidence of how the project is student-led and has the support and involvement of at least four contributing students;

  • project outputs which show how you will share information about your project once it is completed (for example, through a vlog, blog or poster presentation).


If you have any questions, please contact us.