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Artist in residence call 2023

The Institute for Sustainability is now open for applications to an artistic residency taking place in Spring 2023.

Abstract painted canvas in blue and green colours
Applications to join us for an artistic residency are now open

Artistic residency, fixed-term (until 13 June 2023). All applicants must have the right to work in the UK.

About the Institute for Sustainability

The University of Bath Institute for Sustainability (IfS) seeks to bring together a unique range of expertise to address the core of sustainability, spanning curiosity-driven research, applied science and engineering, and whole systems approaches. We have a proven track record producing impactful research informed by real-world problems and building meaningful partnerships outside academia.

The IfS hosts an EPSRC-funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) that has been training 50 to 70 PhD students doing research across four themes:

  • Energy & Water
  • Renewable Feedstocks & Biotechnology
  • Processes & Manufacturing
  • Healthcare Technologies

Beyond the breadth of knowledge found at Bath, we constantly work to extend our reach to others whose perspectives are key to solve these complex issues. We always look for new and effective ways to bring policymakers, industry, and the wider public into the conversation.

It is our responsibility to engage beyond academia, to communicate the impact of our activities and to inform our future steps. We must find ways to start new conversations and we believe the arts and humanities can help us do this. We recognise that both art and science define our culture and believe that, in combination, can convey very powerful messages.

How the residency will work

All applicants must have the right to work in the UK as unfortunately we are unable to sponsor a visa for those who do not.

The objective of this residency is to produce a visual art series where the impact that our CSCT has delivered to date, but also the impact that the IfS will continue to strive for in the coming years, is showcased and enhanced for the benefit of the general public and deliver a small exhibition at the end of it.

Our aim is to finish this project by June 2023, so we can display the outputs of the collaboration at the last CSCT annual showcase (12-13 June 2023). Besides this, we would also aim to take the materials to a venue where they would be displayed and accessible for the public to represent in an art form the legacy of our Centre for Doctoral Training.

We are looking for artists who specialise in visual art forms, such as paintings, illustrations, prints, sculptures, photography, film, crafts, etc. The shortlisted candidates will enter a tendering process of up to £9500 to cover their time and materials.

The themes that the produced artwork must represent are the four themes that the CSCT focused on in its origin:

  • Energy & Water
  • Renewable Feedstocks & Biotechnology
  • Processes & Manufacturing
  • Healthcare Technologies

The selected artist will be invited to join us at the University of Bath for a period of around 2.5 months, split into the following phases:

  • Relationship building phase: engaging with our researchers (PhD students and academic staff) to understand, reflect on and find inspiration in their work
  • Production phase: developing artwork inspired by our researchers’ work
  • Exhibition: the culmination of the residency will take place during our yearly conference, the Summer Showcase, on 12-13 June 2023, when the artist will display their work

While the timing is flexible, we recommend using 50% of the time available for research purposes and 50% to develop and produce the artwork.

The artist will be hosted by the University of Bath Institute for Sustainability and its Centre for Doctoral Training – a diverse community of researchers and staff with a strong tradition of academic excellence with real-world impact.

In line with our activities, we will only consider applications from artists who can demonstrate a strong interest or commitment to sustainability.

What this opportunity offers

  • A tender value of up to £9500 to cover material costs and time to develop the artwork
  • Rooms to hold meetings and a desk at the IfS office
  • Working with the IfS support staff, who will support and manage the residency
  • Networking with researchers across the University of Bath
  • An opportunity to display your work in an exhibition at the University of Bath and potentially other venues after the residency

What's expected from the artist

  • A commitment to engage with our researcher community, deep dive into their work and build a fruitful working relationship
  • Production of artwork that covers all 4 themes of the CSCT (energy & water, renewable processes & biotechnology, processes & manufacturing, healthcare technologies)
  • Attendance to the yearly conference of the Institute (12-13 June)
  • Delivery of a small exhibition of the work produced during the Institute conference (12-13 June)
  • Ongoing documentation of the artistic process (text or images) that can be used to disseminate the evolution of the project online and during the final exhibition
  • A conscious choice of medium/materials

Please note: This residency does not include accommodation or studio space.

How to apply

STAGE 1: open call

We invite visual creatives of all disciplines to apply, submitting a proposal including:

  • Your CV or background: education, recent artistic achievements, previous experience in art-science projects or other projects related to sustainability
  • A 1-page cover letter describing why your interest in sustainable science and technology or in working with a community of researchers in these areas
  • Your artistic portfolio, including at least 10 examples of your work

Email your proposal to by 1 March 2023.

STAGE 2: tendering

Our team will review applications and invite selected applicants to attend the IfS office, visit some of our labs and meet some of our researchers in the week commencing 13 March.

Following this, we will invite shortlisted applicants to submit a paid proposal that will lead to the selection of the final candidate. This proposal should include:

  • A description of your method or how you approach your work, including choice of materials
  • A plan describing how you will disseminate the evolution and outcomes of this residency
  • A proposed timeline outlining how you plan to engage with the research community and how your work may address the 4 themes
  • An approximate budget for materials
  • A day rate for your work


  • 1 March: Open call deadline
  • w/c 13 March: Shortlisted candidates are invited to the Institute
  • 20 March: Tendering deadline for shortlisted candidates
  • circa 27 March: Residency starts
  • 12-13 June: Residency ends with work exhibition

Contact us

If you have any other queries about the residency or how to apply, get in touch.

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