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Institute for Sustainability - Study with us

We welcome applications from various science and engineering disciplines, from people with a strong interest in sustainable technologies and circular systems.

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The Institute hosts more than 70 PhD students working across disciplines

Why study with us?

Practical & relevant research

Studying with us gives you the opportunity to contribute to technologies that are making a real difference in the world today. The Institute focuses on the core areas of molecules, materials and processes to find practical ways of reducing environmental impact, developing cleaner energy sources, reducing reliance on rare elements and much more.

Interdisciplinary research

As a student in the Institute, your research will cross the boundary between traditional subject areas and may draw on elements of many disciplines, from biology to mechanical engineering. This interdisciplinary approach enables us to follow all the way through from new molecules to industrial applications. We are looking for talented candidates from a broad range of scientific backgrounds with an interest in sustainability.

Industrial and international collaboration

Doctoral research projects within the Institute often have, alongside the academic supervisor, an external supervisor from one of the many commercial companies and world-class academic institutions with which we are partnered. These partners will provide valuable input and support to your project, and also offer placements or research visits where you can place your research in a wider industrial or international context.

Be part of a group

Traditional PhD programmes can be very isolating. At the Institute for Sustainability, you will be part of a cohort of other students from a range of backgrounds and a shared interest in sustainable science and engineering. The Institute also organises events to provide opportunities to meet other cohorts and academic staff.

More than just a PhD

You will receive training and have development opportunities in technical and research skills, as well as the wider commercial and societal aspects of sustainability, including environmental management and public engagement.

When to apply

Please apply by the deadlines stated for each PhD project. If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend an interview either on campus, which will include the opportunity to visit the facilities and meet current students and members of staff, or online. Places are highly competitive and we advise that you apply as soon as possible.

Please quote in the finance section of your application form that you are applying for funding through the Institute for Sustainability.

Who can apply

We welcome applications from graduates of science and engineering disciplines, including:

  • biology
  • biochemistry
  • chemistry
  • chemical engineering
  • civil engineering and architecture
  • electrical engineering
  • mathematics
  • mechanical engineering
  • pharmacy
  • physics

Our applicants must have, or expect to obtain, a first or upper second class honours degree and have a strong interest in sustainable technologies.

How to apply

Details on how to complete particular sections in the online application form:

Optional upload of documents

It is very helpful if you provide as many of the requested documents as possible. If you are still awaiting transcripts, you will be able to upload these later. Please upload your CV, even if you have already sent this to us.

Your research interests

Under Section 7 of the application form, please do not include a full research proposal, but instead give us some detail about:

  • Your research interests (particularly as they relate to sustainable chemical technologies)
  • Your reasons for wanting to study with us and for wanting to undertake the specific PhD project you are applying to
  • Any other information that might be relevant, such as professional experience, publications, etc
  • For the Bath Monash Global PhD Programme in Sustainable & Circular Technologies, you must express interest for three projects in your order of preference

If some of this is already covered in your CV, there is no need to repeat the information.


Uploading any references you have at the time of application will prevent delays in progressing you through to the shortlisting state. Although you are only required to have one referee, we prefer you to provide details of two, so please upload both references if you have these. Some referees prefer to provide confidential reports and, in this case, we will contact them by email, so please ensure that email addresses are correct.


1. How do I apply to the Institute for Sustainability? You can access the relevant online application form on, as part of the description of the PhD project you are applying to. Please refer to our application guidance above for more details. If your application is successful, you will be invited to an interview. The application process is highly competitive, so you should apply as soon as possible.

2. When do applications close? Places are highly competitive and we advise that you apply as soon as possible and at the latest by the deadline stated for each PhD project.

3. Do I need to submit a research proposal during the application process? You don’t need to submit a full research proposal. There will be an opportunity during the application to upload a document summarising your research interests and reasons for wanting to study with us.

4. I have already emailed you my CV. Do I still need to apply online? Yes, we only consider online applications. If you have already sent us a CV, please attach this to your online application form.

5. What qualifications do I need for my application to be considered? Our applicants must have, or expect to obtain, a first or upper-second-class honours degree and have a strong interest in sustainable technologies.


We are a vibrant community of people from all walks of life, brought together by our passion for sustainability.

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