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Beginning at Bath

Beginning at Bath is a free event for students who have disclosed or identify as having an autism spectrum condition.

Who can attend this event?

Beginning at Bath is a free event for students who have disclosed or identify as having an autism spectrum condition and may benefit from some additional support with transitioning into university study and life.

The event is for students who have accepted their place at Bath and are starting their course this academic year. There will be student ambassadors attending the event too, to help lead activities, answer student queries and familiarise students with university life.

What is included in this event?

This is a two-day event held on campus and you are invited to stay overnight in University accommodation. The event is designed to help you get to know other students, familiarise yourself with the University campus, meet key members of support staff, and chat to some of our current students.

There are several sessions run throughout both days by academics, Students’ Union representatives and professional services staff on topics such as:

  • Students’ Union
  • introduction to Moodle and Academic Skills
  • Social Networking Group
  • Disability Advice drop-in appointments
  • current students’ experiences of joining Bath
  • Library tour
  • introduction to Assistive Technology
  • making the transition to university positive
  • social activities to help you meet fellow students (e.g. campus-based treasure hunt and city-centre orientation morning)

Are parents/carers able to attend?

Yes, parents/carers are also invited to attend a short information gathering session on the first day, to hear from current students, ask questions of the Disability Service team and form networks with other parents, with the aim of enabling them to confidently navigate and support their student’s transition.

Please note that accommodation is only available for students attending (not parents and carers).

What do I need to do if I would like to attend?

We will send out invitations to students who we have met with during our pre-entry appointments, but if you have not had a pre-entry appointment and would like to attend, please email

Please be aware that places are limited and demand can be high, we would therefore encourage you to make contact by the first week of August if you would like to attend this event.

What students have said

Students who have previously attended Beginning at Bath say:

“The Beginning at Bath event, I found quite useful... one of the SU [officers] told us that they were trying to get a sensory-safe study space, and then [the student ambassadors] showing us all the different study spaces and all the things that were available to us as disabled students was very useful.”

“Beginning at Bath was amazing. It was the first time I'd been around just autistic people and it blew my mind.”

“I think Beginning at Bath was great...being able to see my accommodation for first year at the event and speak to current students with disabilities really helped with my anxiety about transitioning.”

What parents have said

"Fantastic informative event and a great soft introduction to starting university - thank you all so much!"

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