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Careers Service support for changing or leaving your course

Find out how the Careers Service can help if you want to change or leave your course and where to find other sources of support.

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The Careers Service can support you if you are considering changing or leaving your course

What to do if you're unhappy about your course or university life

At the Careers Service we see students each year who feel this way and their reasons are varied and very personal.

You might feel unhappy because the course isn’t what you expected or your coursework isn’t going very well. You may feel as though your course is fine but you’d rather be in another place. You might be feeling homesick or finding life lonely and this is preventing you from settling in. You may have health issues that are making adjustment difficult.

Whatever the reason for your unhappiness, the most important thing is to seek help from someone in the University as soon as you feel like this.

Personal Tutor and Director of Studies

If your concerns are related to your course then you can request an individual meeting with your Personal Tutor.

Each degree programme has a Director of Studies who is responsible for coordinating teaching and assessment and dealing with individual student progress. You should speak to your Director of Studies if you are concerned about any aspect of your studies, and certainly if you are considering suspending your studies or leaving your course.

Careers Service

If you want to discuss whether to change or leave your course then we will be happy to help you make the right decision. Careers Advisers are completely impartial, not connected to academic departments, and can help by:

  • talking through the pros and cons of changing your course or leaving
  • helping you consider different strategies
  • providing information on:

    • the career implications of different courses
    • alternative courses and universities
    • alternatives such as entering employment or taking time out
  • suggesting other sources of help

You can make a private and confidential appointment to see a Careers Adviser through MyFuture. Find out more about our appointments

We always aim to see students in your situation within one or two days. So, if you are struggling to book an appointment and need to speak to someone urgently, contact us and we will do our best to fit you in.

Advice and support centre

The Advice and Support Centre can offer you advice, information and support on many issues affecting your student life. Download their free Guide to changing course, withdrawing or suspending your studies.

Student Services

Contact Student Services for advice on the financial implications of your options.

See the Student Services page on Suspending your studies or leaving the University and Guide to suspending study.

Changing course contacts

You need to contact the admissions tutor in the new department/university and find out some information about the course that you want to change to. Read the leaflet listed under Advice and Support Centre above.

International students

International students should be mindful of the time limit on their visa and seek advice from Student Immigration Advisers before they take any action on changing, suspending or leaving their course.


If you have any questions, please contact us.