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Choosing the Future of Work (FOW) research centre for your doctorate

Find out about applying for a PhD at FOW, including what kind of students we accept and how you can find funding and supervisors.

Doing your PhD at FOW

We have an inclusive culture and aim to train and develop future academics in a supportive environment. We expect PhD students to play a full part in the centre while taking advantage of teaching opportunities.

Who should apply

We welcome applications from PhD students for full-time and part-time PhDs.

While we favour students with academic backgrounds in social sciences (economics, sociology, psychology or management), we welcome applications from outstanding graduates in all disciplines.

Finding funding

There are various University funding opportunities available. Applications from self-funded candidates are also welcome.

If you are interested in a studentship with us, please contact us. You'll need to send your CV and an outline proposal for your research.

Choosing your research area and supervisor

Read about the members of the centre and our current PhD students our faculty research profiles.

You should then state which area of research and supervisors you would like to work with when you apply.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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