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Crowdfunding effectively

A quick guide to help you make the most of your crowdfunding.

A successful Crowdfunding at Bath campaign helped Team Bath Racing Electric compete in China
A successful Crowdfunding at Bath campaign helped Team Bath Racing Electric compete in China

Top tips

Social Media

  1. Key to a successful crowdfunding campaign is effective use of social media. Encourage team members to share the campaign often, potentially once a week.

  2. Include links to the campaign in other social media posts and updates, to ensure the team’s following is constantly aware of your need for funding.

  3. If possible, encourage family and friends to share and donate. They may reach interested parties who do not follow your page and grant you even greater exposure. Often the friends of parents and grandparents may donate a little, and these can add up!

  4. If any of your team members or friends have a large following on social media encourage them to mention your project and campaign. Again, lots of small donations can very quickly add up.

Physical presence and promotion

  1. Advertise your campaign physically. Run a competition or raffle, with those entering having to donate a small amount. Have a stand on the Parade to further advertise your project and campaign, perhaps hand out flyers, or organise a presentation so that the student body becomes more aware of your hard work.

  2. Mention your crowdfunding campaign when communicating with sponsors (if you have them). This will often show pro-activeness of the team and may potentially make them more likely to sponsor you. If not, then sometimes those who you communicate with might show an interest and make a personal donation.

Crowdfunding good practice

  1. Explain the impact of people’s donations on your project. People like to be able to see that they are responsible for specific things. Label what their donation might be used for, it makes it more tangible and encourages people to donate. It also shows that you have thought about how you are going to spend their money.

  2. Keep your campaign updated. This may not seem important at the time, as the donors have already donated to you! However, it is important to do this as it will make people more likely to consider donating again in future years.


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