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Engagement Monitoring for Student Wellbeing

Find out more about the current engagement monitoring process that the Faculties and School use to support student wellbeing (academic year 2021/22)

What is Engagement Monitoring for Student Wellbeing?

Please note this is a separate process to Academic Engagement Monitoring for Student and Tier 4 Visa Holders.

As part of the University's aim to support undergraduate students’ wellbeing and progress, academic departments access student engagement information. Note: Some PGT courses are also trialling this process in Semester 2.

If a student's engagement data indicates low or no engagement over a two to three week period during term-time then they are likely to be contacted by their Personal Tutor, Director of Studies, or Student Experience Officer.

As a student there is no need to worry, this is simply so the member of staff can discuss how you are getting on and any difficulties you may be having. They will provide information, advice, and guidance as required.

If you are contacted by your department, you should respond as soon as possible.

Please note that this process is not used for students in suspense, on placement, or on a study year abroad.

In particular circumstances, and where appropriate, your department may decide that it is necessary to contact the Wellbeing Service and/or follow the missing student procedure.

What data is used and how?

For this process, select staff within your department can review student engagement relating to Moodle logins, Panopto lecture viewings, assessment submissions on Moodle, Samis logins, and MS Teams meetings attendance. Please note, they cannot see details of what you access but simply the number of occurrences over a 7, 14 or 21 day period.

Staff adhere to the University's information management practices during this process.

Does this affect academic progress?

No, this process does not affect academic progression or decisions in any way. The process is intended to highlight potential wellbeing red flags and to provide additional opportunities for students to disclose any issues to staff and access subsequent advice and support.

As a consequence of the process, you may be provided with advice and guidance from your department about additional academic support or options, as well as other sources of support.

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