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Information management

Guidance, policies and procedures for records management, data protection, freedom of information, IT security, research data management and confidential waste.

Records management

The policies and procedures we follow to make sure we manage all University records responsibly.

Records Centre

Information for staff about the Library's secure storage service for paper records.

Data protection

The guidance and regulations we follow to keep the data we use safe from loss or accidental disclosure.

IT security

Guidance from Digital, Data & Technology (DD&T) on your individual responsibilities for protecting information and advice on how to keep your data safe.

Freedom of information

Information for staff on our procedures for dealing with freedom of information requests.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Officers co-ordinate the handling of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

Research data management

The policies we follow to make sure we correctly manage and protect research data.

Research Data Policy

This policy ensures that the University and its researchers fulfil their legal, ethical and contractual obligations regarding research data management.

Managing research data

Read about how to manage data from your research, including creating a data management plan, finding training or advice and archiving and sharing data.

Confidential waste

The processes for disposing of waste which may contain sensitive or personal information.