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Food, drink and other household necessities

Getting food, drink and other essential items during the time you are living in isolation.

A takeaway pizza.
You can still receive takeaway food and grocery deliveries from supermarkets whilst you are isolating.

Food deliveries

After we receive notification that you are isolating, we will provide you with breakfast, lunch and a snack box.

We will then deliver enough food to last you the time you are waiting for your test results.

If you receive a positive test result, we will deliver enough food for three meals a day to your household for the time you are isolating. These food deliveries include snacks and items to make hot drinks.

The food provided is free and delivered every three days. Deliveries are brought to your accommodation.

Dietary requirements

When it is confirmed that you need to isolate, our hospitality team will contact you using Teams. They will check if you have any dietary requirements so the appropriate food can be provided.

If you live in Brendon Court and Polden Court

If you live in these residences where food is provided as part of your contract, it will be delivered to your accommodation.

You will receive three meals a day until your isolation period ends.

Our hospitality team will call you on Teams to notify you when your food delivery is ready outside.

Each day you will receive:

  • a continental breakfast, delivered at 8.30am
  • a sandwich or baguette for lunch, with fruit, juice and crisps, delivered around midday
  • dinner is your choice made on the online form, delivered around 5.50pm  

Breakfast for Saturday and Sunday is brought with lunch the day before.

Takeaways and supermarket deliveries

You can still receive takeaway food and grocery deliveries from supermarkets whilst you are isolating.

Only one non-symptomatic or tested member of your household can collect food deliveries. They must:

  • go straight to the collection point
  • return immediately
  • wear a face covering
  • strictly follow hygiene guidance
  • not go anywhere else
  • not engage with other students who live outside your household
  • observe social distancing of at least two metres

If you have symptoms or have been tested, ask a member of your household to collect your delivery and leave it outside the door of your room.

Very few supermarkets now deliver shopping in carrier bags. Take these with you to collect your shopping and remember to respect the safety of the delivery driver by keeping a distance and wearing a face-covering.

Toilet paper

Let us know on your household Teams chat if you have run out of toilet paper, so we can deliver some more to the door of your household.


If you are isolating but need prescription medicine, contact the Security team on 01225 385349. We can arrange to collect your prescription medicine and deliver it to you.


If you have any questions, please contact us.