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Guidance for Students: Precautionary Measures

In this guidance we set out what steps may be taken under the precautionary measures procedure.

The University applies Precautionary Measures to ensure that risks can be mitigated as fully as possible pending processes including Student Discipline, Health, Wellbeing and Support for Study and Fitness to Practise. Any precautionary measures put in place should mitigate risk and protect the parties involved and the University community.

Advice and Support

The University recognises that being subject to precautionary measures can be stressful. The University’s Student Support and Safeguarding Service offer a range of support services that you can access. In particular, Student Support Advice is available for emotional and wellbeing support.

The SU Advice & Support Centre is independent of the University. The SU Advisors can assist you in preparing for meetings and can attend the meetings as an advisor. Students can arrange a meeting with an advisor by emailing

Precautionary Measures Procedure

What policies do precautionary measures apply to?

  • Student Regulation 7 – Disciplinary Procedures for Students

  • the Health, Wellbeing and Support for Study Policy

  • the Fitness to Practise Policy

  • the Dignity and Respect Policy

  • other policies where it is appropriate and reasonable to do so

When are precautionary measures applied?

  • when a risk is identified to a member(s) of the University community within the scope of the policy
  • in the case of a student being arrested, a Precautionary Measures Panel will be convened as standard procedure

How are precautionary measures decided?

A Precautionary Measures Panel meeting will be chaired by the Deputy Director (Student Policy and Safeguarding). The Panel will consider the risks for each student party, any other stakeholders and the University community. A risk assessment will be completed to consider what actions can be taken to mitigate risks and provide appropriate support for students affected. The Panel will determine which precautionary measures, if any, should be applied.

In the case of suspension or exclusion being proposed as a precautionary measure, a recommendation will be made to the Pro Vice Chancellor (PVC) by the Chair. The PVC will decide whether to uphold the decision to suspend/exclude.

What kind of precautionary measures may be applied?

Precautionary measures can include some or all of the following, or other measures:

  • change of accommodation
  • no contact order
  • exclusion from areas of campus, or from the entire campus
  • move to remote learning
  • suspension from study

Can a student appeal precautionary measures?

A student who has been suspended as a precautionary measure may use the Student Appeals Process to submit an appeal within the bounds of that policy.

Who will know about precautionary measures?

Stakeholders are informed on a need-to-know basis, e.g. students involved, others at risk. Communication is always informed by the risk assessment and agreed by the Panel

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