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How to photocopy an Identity Card

Video guide demonstrating how to take a clear copy of an identity card when required for applications and other official registration procedures.

Instructions for copying an ID card

  • From the home screen, select Copy
  • Place your item in the top left corner of the glass and close the lid.
  • Select the Others button from the options shown on the touchscreen
  • Select Card Shot
  • Select On and then Start
  • The photocopier will scan the first side. Once completed, the screen will display the following message: Place next original. Press [Start]
  • Lift the copier lid, and turn your item over, placing it as before and close the lid.
  • Select Start again to scan the other side of the card.
  • Once scanned, select Read-End

The video below demonstrates how you can copy an identity card when required by the University or other agencies for applications you are making.

How to Photocopy an Identity Card


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