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How to photocopy two images to one page

A step by step guide to copying two images to one page for example where multiple pages of a passport or both sides of an identity card are required.

Step by step instructions

Advice for photocopying two images onto one sheet (for example different pages of your passport) are listed below. There is a video guide at the end of this section demonstrating these steps and the options to select on screen.

  • Place the first image on the glass.
  • Use portrait orientation for passports
  • Close the lid
  • Select the Others button
  • Select Multi Shot from the options available
  • Select 2in1 from the options available and press Start
  • The photocopier will scan the first side. Once completed, the screen will display the following message: Place next original. Press [Start]
  • Don’t select the Read-End option yet or your print job will finish!
  • Lift the lid and place your second image on the glass, placed as before.
  • Close the lid.
  • Select Start again to scan the second image.
  • Once scanned, select Read-End to produce your copy

Copy two images to one page


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