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Internal users of the DReaM Facility

If you are a University of Bath researcher, read on to learn how to book the DReaM Facility

A user at the control PC of the DReaM Facility
The DReaM Facility is used to monitor homogeneous chemical reactions

Check your reaction is compatible

In order to use the Dynamic Reaction Monitoring Facility, your reaction should be:

  • homogeneous
  • run at a temperature between -20 and 80 °C
  • less than 10 bar pressure
  • tested under the reaction conditions you'd like to study

If your chemical reaction fits all the criteria above, please read on to find out how to book time at the facility.

Accessing the DReaM Facility

The DReaM Facility allows users to monitor homogeneous chemical reactions by FlowNMR, avoiding some of the limitations experienced by offline sampling or by preparing the reaction in a standard NMR tube.

It is also possible to use our other pieces of analytical equipment to monitor your reaction simultaneously - please read our equipment webpage to find out the capabilities of these instruments.

For first time users, please email Catherine Lyall to arrange a convenient time to use the equipment.

If you are likely to use the facility on a regular basis, it may be appropriate to train you to use the facility independently. Once trained, you can book time using the booking chart on our wiki page.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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