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LGBTQ+ guides

Guides to support our LGBTQ+ community at Bath

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Our guides serve as helpful tools, offering a wealth of resources and insights tailored to the unique experiences and challenges faced by our LGBTQ+ students. By providing guidance on navigating identity, “coming out” and accessing LGBTQ+ friendly services we want to provide support and guidance in navigating this path with confidence.

We will use the term “Coming out” as an umbrella term on these pages, but you do not need to name the process for yourself if you don’t want to. The beauty of this process is the freedom to embrace your identity without feeling constrained by labels or expectations. Some people may choose not to name this journey for themselves which can allow individuals to define their experiences authentically and without limitations. It is a deeply personal and unique exploration of self-discovery, and everyone’s path is valid and valuable.

At the University of Bath, we celebrate the fluidity of this process and we affirm the importance of self-discovery and empowerment, to foster an inclusive environment where everyone can be seen, heard, and supported on their individual paths of identity exploration.

Discovering myself: A guide to Embracing identity

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and identity expression is a powerful and transformative experience that deserves understanding and support. This guide is a compassionate resource designed to empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves and share their truths with confidence – this may be with only yourself or with others.

Coming out guide

Visible and Valid: Navigating Bisexual Identity

This guide will use the umbrella term bisexual+. This is a term used to describe individuals who identify as bisexual and also acknowledges people’s attraction to genders beyond the binary of male and female. It recognises that bisexuality can be fluid and inclusive of attraction to non-binary genderqueer, genderfluid and other identities, in addition to male and female. The “plus” aims to expand the understanding of bisexuality and acknowledge the spectrum of gender identities that individuals may be attracted to.

Discovering and embracing one’s bisexual+ identity is a personal and empowering journey; this guide is here to provide support and guidance in navigating this path with confidence.

Coming out as Bisexual+ guide

Embracing your Authentic self: A Guide to sharing your trans identity

This guide aims to empower and validate the unique journeys of those coming out as trans, non-binary, genderqueer and other non-cisgender identities. Filled with practical support steps and signposting to support inside and outside of the university, this guide offers guidance for individuals navigating their unique path of self-discovery.

Coming out as trans guide

Supporting you if you are a trans student

If you identify as trans the University can offer support, including a range of practical steps we may be able to offer to help you.

Trans support guide

A guide to Active LGBTQ+ Support and Advocacy

This guide offers practical tools and actionable steps for embracing allyship in everyday life. By promoting active listening and learning about the diverse experiences within the LGBTQ+ community, this guide encourages individuals to be vocal advocates for equality and acceptance.

LGBTQ allyship guide

Navigating Active Trans Allyship 

This trans allyship guide serves as a tool for fostering support, understanding and advocacy for the trans community. By promoting active listening, sharing trans experiences, and challenging harmful stereotypes, this guide aims to empower individuals to create safe and affirming spaces for trans individuals.

Trans allyship guide

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