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Make a nomination for the Mary Tasker Award

Find out how to nominate someone for the award, the criteria and eligibility for entering, and the prize they could win.

How to nominate someone

Each year the Mary Tasker Award is given to a member of teaching staff in recognition of their excellence in teaching. We look for nominees who can provide evidence of creative and effective approaches to teaching.

You can submit a nomination for this Award if you are:

  • a postgraduate student
  • an undergraduate student
  • a member of academic staff

Self nominations are not accepted.

[Submit a nomination form] to recommend someone for the Mary Tasker Award. Nominations for the University Teaching Awards 2024 are now closed.

Following receipt of the nomination form, nominees will be contacted to confirm their willingness to progress to the next stage. At this point, the following supporting statements will be requested:

  • nominees will be expected to prepare a statement describing the rationale behind their teaching: what they do, why they do it that way, and how it benefits student learning.

  • supporting statements for nominations will be requested from the nominee’s Director of Studies and relevant students. These should provide evidence of the nominee's excellence in teaching.

Nominations and supporting statements will be considered by the University's Awards Committee in April.


Nominees should be able to demonstrate their teaching excellence using evidence from the current academic year and/or from Semester 2 in the previous academic year:

  • being known for very good teaching attested by evidence from peer observation and feedback from students
  • exceptional student feedback on teaching

The nominee should also be able to demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • participating in new approaches to teaching within or outside the department
  • authoring teaching materials in her/his subject which are widely acknowledged as effective and valuable, i.e. major textbook, web resource
  • producing publications which are critical, reflective and evaluative of teaching and which advance our ideas on how a subject should be taught
  • participating in a major way in regional, national or international teaching initiatives or had success in gaining grants for teaching initiatives
  • or anything else you feel makes the case

We recommend that students and staff making a nomination for this award also consider whether the Innovation in Learning and Teaching Award, which recognises a commitment to innovative teaching approaches, may be more appropriate. Find out more about the Innovation in Learning and Teaching Award.


This award is open to teaching staff, both full and part-time.

Previous winners of the award will be eligible for nomination five years after the award was made.

Unsuccessful nominees may be nominated for the award in subsequent years.

The prize

The award winner will receive £1,000 in prize money.

If a joint award is made, the winners will each receive the £500 prize.

Award winners will be announced at a joint awards event with The SU Bath Academic Rep Awards (date tbc). Following a meeting of the University's Awards Committee in April, nominees for the University Teaching Awards will be informed if they have been shortlisted to attend.

Award winners will be presented with a certificate at the summer graduation ceremonies.

The prize money will be paid through the payroll and will be subject to PAYE.

Previous winners

Each year this award is presented to an outstanding member of staff in recognition of their excellence in teaching.

Find out more about our past award winners.


The Mary Tasker Award was established in 1992 at the initiative of Academic Assembly on the occasion of Mary Tasker’s early retirement from the School of Education. Its purpose was to mark her contribution to the University, particularly her dedication to teaching, work on Senate and Council and their Committees and Chairmanship of Academic Assembly between 1984 and 1987.

Other teaching awards

Each year the University presents a number of awards to members of staff in recognition of their outstanding contribution to teaching and learning. Find out more about our other teaching awards.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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