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Moving rooms in University accommodation

Complete an online request to move to a different room or swap with another student.

How moving rooms works

Starting University and moving away from home can be an unsettling time. We find that most students are very happy with their room once they have moved in and met their housemates.

We don’t process requests to move prior to the start of term, and our advice is that you accept your offer of accommodation in order to secure your room and move in as planned.

Room transfers applications for 2023/24 are now open.

We prioritise requests from students with medical requirements and those who have been allocated into temporary accommodation. After this, students from the waiting list whose preferences match the rooms available. Requests are not dealt with on a first come first served basis. Students in temporary shared accommodation do not need to complete this form.

We will contact you if a room matching your preferences becomes available, and arrange for you to view the new room prior to moving in. If you are happy with the new room, we will agree a moving date with you, and you will receive a new accommodation contract. We are unable to provide a time frame on when you will be offered a new room as transfers will be dependant on when a suitable room becomes vacant.

You will be able to collect your new key from 10am on your moving date from the West Accommodation Centre for Campus accommodation, and City Accommodation Centre for City Accommodation.

Your old room must be vacated by 10am the day after your nominated transfer date, and your key returned to the appropriate accommodation centre.

There is an administration cost of £30 which will be charged once the transfer is complete.

Get support from your ResLife Support Team

Before the room transfers applications open, we understand that you may feel unsettled or find your accommodation unsuitable for your needs. The ResLife Support team team can arrange to talk with a ResLife Ambassador or signpost to ResLife social events to help you to adjust to your new living environment.

Swapping rooms

An alternative way to change accommodation is to find a student that wishes to swap with you, this may be quicker than waiting for a room to become available through the room transfer process.

If you would like to swap rooms with another student, both of you need to complete the request to swap rooms with another student form.

In order to request to swap rooms with one other student you must both complete and submit this form separately.

Your accommodation account will be changed to reflect any difference in the cost of rent. Any outstanding charges on your accommodation account will need to be settled at the time of the transfer.

After your application has been accepted you will both need to agree and arrange a time to swap rooms. You will also need to visit the West Accommodation Centre to have the correct access applied to your library card. You will be responsible for any cleaning required in your room before you complete the room swap.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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