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Moving rooms in University accommodation

Complete an online request to move to a different room or swap with another student.

Request to move to another room

If you are currently living in student accommodation and you would like to move bedrooms, begin the process by completing this online form. If you are in temporary shared accommodation, you do not need to complete this form.

There is an administration cost of £30 to move rooms, which will be charged once the transfer is complete.

You may have to wait a while for a new room to become available.

You can request to live in a specific accommodation block or area, but there may be a longer waiting time.

If a room is available the Student Accommodation team will contact you to arrange a viewing.

If you’re happy with the new room and want to move in, the team will agree a moving date with you.

You will be given a new accommodation contract and access to the new room.

If you want to move again, you are welcome to do so.

You are only able to apply for a room transfer when you are living in student accommodation. Read more about applying for rooms before you arrive at the University.

If you need to move urgently, contact our Student Living team who are here to help you.

Swapping rooms

If you would like to swap rooms with another student, both of you need to complete this online form.


If you have any questions, please contact us.