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Parking permits for students

Find out about the types of parking permits available for students, eligibility and how to apply.

Apply for and update your parking permit online

You can apply for, change and cancel your permit online using our online system.

You will need to log onto the system and register your details to receive a permit.

This system is not for motorcycles, which can be registered online here.

Standard permit

If you are a student who is on campus most days, a Standard permit is probably best for you.

A Standard permit is valid in all permit holder car parks.

Occasional User permit

If you are not going to park on campus often, the Occasional User permit is probably best for you.

These are valid in all permit holder car parks and allow you to park all day. The permit is issued free of charge but you must also make a £1.40 pay and display payment using JustPark to validate it.

You can buy your ticket using cash at one of the car park machines, or validate your permit using the JustPark app, phone line or SMS service.

Car Share permit

If you decide to start sharing car journeys to the University, you can apply for a Car Share permit. You must be eligible in order to apply.

The main permit holder will pay for the permit. They can then collect the shared fee from the others in the group.

Each driver in the group will receive an Occasional User permit for rare occasions when more than one of you needs to park a vehicle on campus at the same time.

There are 13 Car Share parking spaces for this permit, seven in the West Car Park and six in the East Car Park.

These spaces are reserved until 10.30am, Monday to Friday. After this they become available for any permit holder.

The Car Share permits aim to reduce car journeys to campus. This is why the following is not considered car sharing:

  • you give a lift to another student who doesn't have a permit or a car
  • you give lifts to your housemates

Check with your car insurer to make sure your policy covers car sharing.

Electric Vehicle permit

If you have an electric or a hybrid vehicle, then you can use the Electric Vehicle permit.

This allows you to park in one of the 14 bays reserved for electric vehicle charging.

Exempt permits for Blue Badge holders

If you have a Blue Badge you will need to get an Exempt permit.

This allows you to park in any of the disabled parking spaces free of charge.

Register your vehicle details and we will issue you with an Exempt permit. You must display this with your Blue Badge.

Registering allows us to contact you if there is a problem with your car or if we need you to move it in an emergency.

Parking for athletes using the Sports Training Village

If you are an athlete using the Sports Training Village as a training centre, you may be eligible to apply for a parking permit.

Your parking permit application will only be approved if you study or train at the University of Bath and you can demonstrate that you are a UK Sport funded Podium or Podium Potential athlete.

Parking permit applications are only considered upon receipt of confirmation of university place, acceptance into the Dual Career Programme and evidence to support your UK Sport podium or podium potential status.

If you believe you are eligible for a parking permit, please contact

Courtesy and temporary vehicles

If you use a courtesy or temporary replacement vehicle, you still need to show your original permit along with a note explaining the change.

Apply for your parking permit

When you have chosen the parking permit that suits you, apply online.

If your application for a parking permit is approved you will receive an email confirmation.

You can then pay for your permit online.

Changes and renewals

To change your vehicle details or renew an existing permit you can:


See the full list of prices.


If your application for a parking permit is approved you will receive an email confirmation.

You can then pay for your permit online.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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