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Priority Access to the DReaM Facility

For users working to a tight timeframe or on industrially-sensitive projects, the DReaM facility can allocate priority access for an additional charge.

Some DReaM facility equipment
If your circumstances require it, the DReaM Facility can offer a quick turnaround

Accessing the DReaM Facility via the priority route

We understand that some users may need to access the facility within a shorter timeframe than the normal access route provides, or may be working on commercially-sensitive applications. If either of these apply to you, we have up to 5% of DReaM Facility time allocated for this kind of industrial work.

Normal capabilities of the DReaM equipment still apply, so your chemistry should be between -20 and 80 °C, under 10 bar and completely homogeneous.

If you apply for time via this route, we will endeavor to allocate you time within 4 weeks of approving your application, where staff are available. Please get in touch with Catherine for further guidelines, to discuss if DReaM is suitable for you and to apply for priority access.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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