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Research opportunities at the CPPM

How to join the Centre as a fellow, member of staff, or visitor.

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We can help you develop and prepare fellowship applications.

Research fellowships at the CPPM

We are seeking to recruit independent research fellows of outstanding quality.

There are many competitive funding schemes which support talented researchers. If you would like to be hosted at the University, we can help you develop and prepare fellowship applications. We have considerable experience supporting successful applications and some of our current researchers hold fellowships. We will mentor excellent candidates through the application process.

If you wish to apply for a fellowship hosted in Bath, contact the Centre director with a brief summary of your planned application.

Staff opportunities at the CPPM

If you are looking for a postdoctoral or permanent role in photonics, please check out the job opportunities on the University of Bath jobs website.

Research visits

The CPPM regularly hosts academic visitors from across the globe. If you have funding and would like to visit, please contact the Centre director.

Industrial collaboration

Much of our research is guided and inspired by industrial needs. If you have a problem that would benefit from collaboration with the CPPM, please email one of our members or the Centre director.

Within the CPPM there exists a huge pool of expertise across a wide range of photonic disciplines. If you wish to benefit from this resource by engaging a member of staff in a consultative role, please contact one of our members.

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