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Saving your EndNote references for use after you leave University

Advice for graduating students about using Endnote software after you leave the University or saving your references to transfer into another reference manager

EndNote Online

If you have logged onto "EndNote Online" within twelve months before you leave University, either by using an on-campus networked computer, or by connecting via a UniDesk/UniApps connection off-campus, you will extend your access to the full EndNote Online service by twelve months (even if you leave within this period).  

After the twelve months' extension: 50,000 of your references will transfer automatically to a more restricted “EndNote Basic” account which you will be able to access in perpetuity. For more information about the differences between "basic" and "full" versions, please refer to

Alternative methods

You may prefer to transfer your EndNote Online references to either EndNote Desktop or Reference Manager, please refer to: instructions.  You wont be able to access the University's networked copy of EndNote Desktop after you have left University so you would need to purchase your own copy: purchasing your own copy at a discounted student price.  

You could also transfer your references into a Word document.  To do this, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log into EndNote Online.    
  2. Click the "Format" menu option followed by "Export References".    
  3. Select which group of "references" you would like to transfer - you may opt to save them all.  
  4. Then choose an "export style" - you may find that RefMan (RIS) option works best. 
  5. Finally, click either save or email.  This will create a txt file of your selected references.  
  6. Open your saved/emailed file.  The references may appear to be disorganised format but if you copy and paste them into a Word document, they should appear in a more orderly fashion.  

EndNote Desktop

Please note the instructions above for saving references to your own copy of EndNote Desktop if you have been accessing the University's copy. 

An alternative method: you could copy and save your saved EndNote Desktop references into a Word document as follows:   1. Open your EndNote Library.  Choose Select Another Style... from the style pick list.

  1. Choose the Show All Fields option.  Highlight all your references.

  2. Click Edit then Copy Formatted.

  3. Open Word and click Edit then Paste.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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