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Sensory room

We have opened a new sensory room in the Library for the use of students with a disability.

Photo of the Sensory Room
New sensory room on campus

What is the sensory room?

The sensory room provides a quiet, sensory friendly space for individuals who identify as having a disability on campus. There are also two smaller adjoining rooms, which are bookable spaces intended for 1:1 support sessions.

The space contains various seating options and sensory items including colour changing mood cubes, soft flooring, and large oversized cushions. There are also two floor lamps that give soft lighting if needed.

Students who have been granted access to the room are welcome to use the sensory room and its equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where is the room?

The sensory room is located on the third floor of the Library in room 3.10. The room itself is not a bookable space, but the two smaller adjoining rooms, 3.10A and 3.10B are bookable spaces. Bookings can be made via the study space website.

How to access the room

Students need to be granted library card access to the room. This can be done via the Disability Support Coordinator team or by contacting Security directly during University closure periods.

The Library offers other services to users with disabilities including the assistive technology rooms.

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