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Setting up and managing official University social media accounts

The process for staff to request, register and manage a social media account to promote the University and its activities.

Requesting a University social media account

You must submit a request to Digital before you create an official social media account. We keep a register of all the accounts and their owners so that we can track the University's social media activity.

The Social Media Executive reviews requests for new social media accounts on a weekly basis.

If your request is approved, we will let you know. We will ask you to set up an account and share username and password details with Digital so that the account could be accessed in an emergency situation.

If your request is not approved, we will let you know why and tell you about channels which you could use instead.

Managing official social media accounts

If you manage or contribute to an official University social media account, you should follow our social media guidance and standards.

It is important to follow this guidance when you communicate on behalf of the University. This will help you make your activity more effective. It also reduces reputational risk to the organisation and to you as an individual.

The UCISA Social Media Toolkit also provides a general overview of social media, supported by specific guidance for particular types of user and scenario.

If you already run a social media account and haven't told us about it, please register the details with the Social Media Executive.

Questions about social media

Please email if you have any queries about:

  • the request process
  • support for social media
  • the University‚Äôs use of social media in general


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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