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Storing your bicycle

You can store your bike on and off campus using one of our secure stores or designated cycle racks.

Secure storage for bicycles

(As we adapt our service in line with the latest government guidance on COVID-19, this information is subject to change).

There are several bike storage options, depending on where you live.

Bike storage if you're a student living in University accommodation

At each location, there is a combination of secure and standard spaces.

Secure spaces are accessed with your library card or combination lock code. Standard spaces require the use of a bike lock.

You can find them on campus:

View our map of cycle racks and secure storage on campus.

Off campus:

Request a secure accommodation bike storage space

You can request one of these accommodation bike store spaces on or off campus by completing an online form.

Access can only be added to your library card between 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Bike storage if you're a member of staff or student in non-University accommodation

If you are a member of staff or a student that doesn’t live in our accommodation, you can store your bike securely at these locations:

  • outside the main entrance to 4 South
  • at the south side of 3 South
  • outside Osborne House
  • at the rear of 3 East
  • at the west side of 10 West
  • at the Wessex House cycle store near the South lift

You will need to use your library card to gain access to these stores.

Request access and have your card enabled by completing our online form.

You cannot reserve a space in these stores. Having access does not guarantee you a space.

They are not designed for long-term storage.

Bike storage if you're a member of staff in the city

There is a secure cycle store in the Canal Wharf residence at the foot of Bathwick Hill in Raby Mews. You must reserve a space to use this store.

Here you can secure your bike and walk or catch the bus up Bathwick Hill to the University.

Request a space and gain card access by completing our online form.

Standard storage for bicycles

There are numerous bike racks and shelters on campus available for all staff, students and visitors at the following locations:

View our map of cycle racks on campus.

Where not to store your bike

Do not secure bikes to railings. This could block access routes for people with disabilities. Instead, use the many secure stores and bike racks available.

Bicycle locks

If you're a member of staff or a student, you can buy Sold Secure cycle locks online) for £15 and collect them from the Security desk in the Library.

We recommend using a D-lock to secure your bicycle, as this provides more protection than other cable or chain locks.

Theft protection

You can help protect your bike against theft by marking the frame with your post code.

You may also find it useful to add your bicycle to Bike Register, the Police-approved, national cycle database, so that your bike might be found if it is stolen.

Showers for cyclists

You can use the showers on campus after your ride.

There are showers for cyclists in:

  • 4 West level 0 (accessible 24/7, second door on the right from the rear of 4 West)
  • the underdeck level 1 (accessible 24/7 from the underdeck door between the library and 1 West)
  • 10 West level 0 (accessible 24/7 to building occupants, or 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday to non-occupants)
  • 4 East South level 1 (accessible 24/7 to building occupants, or 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday to non-occupants)

Request access and have your card enabled by completing our online form.


The lockers in these showers are not allocated and are available on a first come, first served basis. You can secure these using your own padlock.


If you have any questions, please contact us.