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Student Discipline Policy and Procedure

The Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedure explains how the University addresses reports of inappropriate behaviour and misconduct made against a student.

The Student Discipline Policy outlines the University's expectation for student conduct and sets out what behaviours are considered unacceptable. It also sets out how the University will respond to reports of misconduct that are progressed via the Student Discipline process and the specific categories of behaviour that are used.

The Student Discipline Procedure outlines the specific steps the University will take for progressing a report.

Read the full Student Discipline Policy and the Procedure.

If you are a Student Apprentice please find the Student Apprentice Discipline Policy and Procedure.

If you are a student reporting the behaviour of another student, please read the Guidance for Reporting Student Misconduct.

If you have been accused of misconduct, please read the Guidance for Students Being Accused of Misconduct.

Student Discipline aims to:

  • Set clear expectations for how students are expected to behave and set out what behaviours are considered unacceptable.
  • Set out how the University will respond where there is a report that the behaviour of a student has fallen below the expected standards and/or when rules or regulations have been broken.

The University of Bath is committed to providing a safe and friendly environment where everyone feels welcome. We expect every member of our community to be treated, and to treat others, with respect.

Student Discipline Process Staff

The Student Discipline Team below is responsible for the operational delivery of the Student Discipline Policy and Procedure:

Kully RennieStudent Discipline Manager

Alison MoonStudent Discipline Support Officer

Jacob BullusDignity and Respect Investigator

The Student Disciplinary and Misconduct Panel are selected to attend Student Disciplinary and Misconduct Panel meetings. Please refer to the Student Discipline Policy for more information.

The University’s Sanctioning Guidance

If a student is found to have breached the University’s regulations, the University will apply sanctions. These are penalties for inappropriate behaviour and more information, including a list of potential sanctions, can be found in our Sanctioning Guidance.

Advice and Support

We understand it can be difficult to be part of the student discipline process and you are able to bring an appropriate support person such as a friend, family member or other support person to meetings with you. There are also several services that can support you before, during and after the student discipline process.

If you have a disability or any specific needs that require adjustments to the process, please email in order for arrangements to be made.

You can contact the SU Advice centre for a free confidential service that is independent of the University.

If you have a disability, you can also be accompanied to meetings by a Disability Support Worker or adviser if required.

Support and advice is also available from the Student Support Advice Team by email to

Postgraduate students can also seek help and support from The Independent Advisor Service for Postgraduate Research Students.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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