University of Bath

Teaching observations for probation

Teaching observations are an opportunity to get useful feedback and suggestions from experienced colleagues and to discuss your session.

Teaching observation requirements

If you are a lecturer or teaching fellow on probation, you will need to submit teaching observations as evidence for both probation reviews and the Bath Course. The same observations can be used for both purposes provided they are from the appropriate time period. Probationary staff should check the information available from HR regarding all their requirements for probation.

The teaching observation form should be used for all teaching observations and needs to be completed electronically. Please read through the teaching observation guidance notes before using the form for the first time (whether as an observer or observee). These observations can then be submitted as evidence when required, e.g. for probation or the Bath Course.

Internal Observations

Submitted for: Probation interim review(s); Part 1 of the Bath Course

Most observations required for probation are internal within your department. You need to internal observations as evidence during Part 1 of the Bath Course and for interim probation reviews (6 month review for Teaching Fellows, Year 1 and 2 reviews for Lecturers). You need to arrange internal observation within your department, usually with help from your Bath Course Adviser and Probation Mentor.

External Senior Teaching Observer observations

Required for: Final Probation review and to pass Bath Course

For your final probation review (Year 1 for Teaching Fellows, Year 3 for Lecturers) and to complete the Bath Course you will need one observation by an approved senior teaching observer. Senior teaching observations are organised centrally by Academic Staff Development in January and September and you will typically have it in the final year of probation. If you already had a satisfactory senior teaching observation as part of the Bath Course, in Part 2, you will not require a second observation in the final year of probation, but can use the one you have already as your evidence for probation.

Online and/or Distance Teaching “Observation”

If your teaching is online or distance and you require an ‘observation’ for probation or the Bath Course, an equivalent review process has been designed. Contact the Bath Course Director in the first instance to discuss.