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Useful organisations that support teaching and learning

These organisations offer resources and professional development to help academics and support staff develop skills, expertise and leadership in teaching.

Further opportunities for professional development

A number of external organisations offer professional development opportunities, networking, information and advice to support academics, teaching staff and professional service staff involved in teaching and learning.

CLT can provide information about these organisations and offer general advice about professional development for academic and teaching careers.

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Look at the CLT webpages to find out about resources and professional development offered within the University to support learning and teaching.

HEA (Higher Education Academy)

HEA is an independent non-profit organisation committed to world-class teaching in higher education. They work in partnership with institutions and individuals in higher education supporting student success, bring the sector together to collaborate, and share teaching strategies and practice.

The HEA has a range of services to support you in your career, whether you are in a leadership role, new to teaching or supporting teaching. These include training and events, networking, communities and professional development opportunities tailored to individual disciplines.

HEA Fellowships provide individuals with recognition of their profesionalism, practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning. They are recognised across the UK and internationally.

For further information, visit

SEDA (Staff & Educational Development Association)

SEDA is the professional association for staff and educational developers in the UK, promoting innovation and good practice in higher education. SEDA offers you the opportunity to be part of a national network of people engaged in staff and educational development, helping you to keep abreast of good practice and policy initiatives, while playing a part in shaping the future and contributing to national debate.

SEDA's activities include conferences and events, opportunities for research and scholarship activities in educational development, and national accreditation and support for professional development

SEDA Fellowships are available to help you develop and improve your practice and have your achievements recognised at various stages of your career.

For further information, visit


Vitae supports the professional development of researchers. It works with institutions as they strive for research excellence, innovation and impact.

Vitae is a non-profit programme with over 45 years' experience in enhancing the skills and careers of researchers. Their online network enables members to share practice, discuss the latest policy implications, innovate, and collaborate. They offer resources and advice for doctoral students and their supervisors, research staff and their managers, and senior management of institutions about professional development and support for researchers.

Staff and students can register for free with their University of Bath email address.

For further information, visit


JISC provides digital solutions for UK education and research.

JISC’s best practice guides cover a wide range of topics to help you get the best from digital in education and research. Visit to find out more.


FutureLearn is an online platform that offers free access to a wide range of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from universities and cultural institutions from across the world.

Numerous subjects and professional development skills are covered, including courses on blended learning, assessment for learning in STEM subjects, and designing e-learning for Health. Visit to find out more.

You can also discover MOOCs provided by experts at the University of Bath. If you would like to run your own MOOC, please contact the TEL Team at

The Student Engagement Partnership (TSEP)

The Student Engagement Partnership champions and develops student engagement practice in the English higher education sector. Student engagement is about empowering students to shape their own educational experience and creating excellent teaching and learning within a connected and cohesive higher education community.

TSEP provides resources, toolkits, insights and events to help you to gain knowledge and skills to make a success of student engagement.

Visit to find out more.

RAISE (Researching, Advancing & Inspiring Student Engagement)

RAISE is a network of academics, practitioners, advisors and student representatives drawn from the Higher Education Sector who are working and/or interested in researching and promoting student engagement.

RAISE has a network to share ideas and create collaborative projects, holds events and annual conference, runs special interest groups, and produces a journal and other publications.

Visit to find out more.

Change Agents’ Network (CAN)

Change Agents' Network is for staff and students working in partnership to support curriculum enhancement and innovation with technology.

CAN provides a network for those working on curriculum change, communicates good practice, publishes a journal and runs an accredited course for staff and students on being an Institutional Change Leader.

Visit to find out more.

SPARQS (Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland)

SPARQS is a publicly-funded agency for Scotland's university and college sectors which aims to support student engagement in the quality of the learning experience. Their work includes equipping and developing staff with the tools to engage students and work effectively together on areas such as co-creation of the curriculum.

Visit to find out more.

Wise Wales

Wise Wales is a collaboration of sector organisations working to create a culture of meaningful partnership between educators, students’ unions and students across Wales. They create opportunities for practitioners in Wales to share best practice, and above all put the collective student voice at the heart of what they do.

Visit to find out more.


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