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What else do I need to know about items for the Staff Homepage?

This guide will tell you about the types of content that works well on the homepage, what doesn't work so well, and a couple of other useful things to know.

What works well?

The best-performing stories tend to be really practical information or about our strategy.

Other content types that do well include:

  • Information about staff benefits

  • Training and development information

  • People-focussed stories – particularly those focusing on our staff

  • Travel information

What doesn’t work so well?

This isn't an exhaustive list, but if you're thinking about submitting a story on one of the topics below you may want to consider alternative channels e.g. an email to all academic staff, or framing the content in a way that makes it relevant to the whole community (what's in it for me?):

  • Post-event pieces and stories about attending conferences

  • Articles on media coverage, the exception to this is articles from The Conversation

  • Stories about students without an obvious staff connection

  • Funding announcements and calls to apply for funding

  • Award shortlists or nominations

What else is useful to know?

Our data shows that regardless of where an article is posted, so whether it’s a feature slot or a standard one, people will still click on it if they are interested. So don’t worry too much if a feature slot isn’t available on the date.

The schedule is usually pretty packed and strategic updates will always take priority. Please bear this in mind when you get in touch with a request. We will always do our best to get your article live on the date you ask, but there are times when this isn’t possible.

Don’t forget to use the homepage alongside other channels. Have a read through of our Communicating your messages to colleagues across the University page to find out about each one.

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