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Writing an Alumni Fund Grant report

Find out how to write an effective report to promote the Alumni Fund

Why it's important to write a report

Every year the University's Alumni Fund receives donations which provide grants for the Fund's priorities: offering student scholarships and placements, supporting clubs and societies, academic research and improving departments' and facilities' resources.

The Alumni Fund is important because the grants it makes help make a good university experience great, and provide everyone with the opportunities to excel at Bath.

The Alumni Fund publicises these projects and initiatives to:

  • showcase worthwhile causes benefiting from the Alumni Fund
  • thank the people and organisations who have given so generously to make this support possible
  • encourage the University's friends to continue donating, so that the Alumni Fund can keep on providing these grants.

A well-written and interesting report a great way to promote the Alumni Fund and its priorities.

Your grant was made possible thanks to generous donations made by supporters who believe the University and its students are worth supporting.

By writing a report that will inspire more of our alumni and friends to support us, you can help convince the University's donors that their money is being used well, and ensure that we can continue to fund individuals, groups, projects and departments in the future.

Tips for writing an effective report

  • Demonstrate the impact of the grant - why was the funding so important and what did it help you to achieve?
  • Make your report simple and not too long (400-600 words), interesting, personal and inspirational!
  • Don’t just tell people what you have been able to do – show them with photos.
  • Thank the people who made your grant possible.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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