Professorial Terms

Conditions of Service for Professorial Appointments


There is no salary scale for Professors and the salary for the appointment will therefore be negotiated on the basis of skills, experience, qualifications and the achievements of the successful candidate.

Hours of work

No fixed hours of work are specified for academic staff. Because of the nature of their work, academic staff are considered to be exempt from the provisions of the Working Time Regulations 1998 governing maximum weekly working hours.

Annual leave

For full-time staff there are 26 days of annual leave, plus the (eight) Bank Holidays, and a further five days when the University is closed. Three of these days normally fall at Christmas, when the University is closed for normal business from Christmas Eve until the New Year. Entitlements for part-time staff are calculated on a proportional basis.


Staff may join Pension Plus Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), for which the University's contribution is 19.5% (from 1st April 2019).


Appointments may be terminated by either side by the giving of three months’ notice expiring on 31st January or at a date thereafter when all assessment and marking for the semester has been completed, three months’ notice expiring on 30th June, or four months notice expiring on 31st August. Notice should be in writing and addressed to the Director of Human Resources.

Relocation expenses

The University offers assistance with relocation expenses for those who have to move to the vicinity of Bath. Expenses are approved according to circumstances. If all criteria are met, the total amount claimable will be the equivalent of one month’s gross salary of the new appointee.

For newly appointed non-EEA staff who require permission to work in the UK and are relocating from outside of the UK, the equivalent of one month's gross salary (at the time of taking up the appointment) or up to £5,000, whichever is the greater, will be reimbursed towards the cost of their relocation expenses, including visa application fees.

Health & medical matters

Appointments are offered subject to the University receiving a satisfactory report on your health from the University’s Occupational Health Department.  This is normally undertaken on the basis of a review of a confidential medical questionnaire.