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Bicycle storage space terms and conditions

Read these regulations before booking a space in a bicycle storage shed.

Terms And Conditions

Information not provided
Information not provided
Approval date
03 Jan 2024
Approved by
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Date of last review
03 Jan 2024
Date of next review
31 Jan 2024
  • The sheds are for the storage of bicycles only
  • Sheds must be kept clean and tidy
  • Bicycles are stored at your own risk
  • Bicycles should be appropriately insured against theft
  • The University is not liable for any damage to, or theft of a bicycle
  • Bicycles must be removed from the storage sheds when you move out of your accommodation
  • The University has the right to dispose of your bicycle if you leave it behind
  • Bicycles must be stored in the shed with a lock. We recommend using a highly secure D-lock, which can be bought in the Library for £20
  • If you breach any of these rules, you will no longer be able to use the storage sheds

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