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Terms and Conditions for the Climate Action Photography Competition

Here's everything you need to know when it comes to Climate Action Photography Competition

Terms And Conditions

  • The winner will be awarded a £100 Bath City Gift Card and a Climate Action mug!

  • If anyone is featured in your images, ensure they have given consent, as your photos may be used for commercial or promotional purposes.

  • Ensure that the images are related to the University or life as a University of Bath student.

  • You are submitting high-quality images that inspire action.

  • Creating eye-catching artwork that could be used in various locations such as websites, social media and blogs.

  • We will not accept images that are AI-generated or heavily edited.

  • Images must be taken from this academic year 2023 - 2024.

  • You can only enter once, with a maximum of 10 images.

  • Once you have submitted your image(s), you are consenting to the Climate Action Team to use the images provided for promotional purposes. We will do our best to credit photographers wherever we use images, but this is not always possible.

  • Competition judges will be the Climate Action Team. A shortlist will be created, and then a winner will be selected.

  • Competition winner must be prepared to feature in a promotional article and or blog, where their winning image will be featured along with a quote by them.

  • Competition closes on the Monday 15 April at 11:59 pm. You can enter using this form

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If you have any questions regarding the competition please email us.

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