Masters dissertations

MRes Advanced Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences

A Study on Identifying the Causal Effect of Education on Economic Growth Using Panel Analysis

Thomas Lakin, 2022

Social Patterning of Health Behaviours and Mental Health: What was the short and mid-term impact of the UK COVID-19 lockdown?

Yumi Naito, 2022

An Intersectional Approach to Students' Endorsement of Gender Equality in Chile, using Multilevel Analysis of Individual Heterogeneity and Discriminatory Accuracy - MAIHDA

Natalia Lopez Hornickel, 2022

The impact of socio-economic status on Active and Healthy Ageing trajectories: Evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

Olivia Malkowski, 2021

Trajectories of Subjective Well-Being in Middle Age

Darren Hilliard, 2021

Determinants of school students interest in STEM fields using a two-level mixed-effects logistic regression model: Evidence from Qatar

Noof Abdulhadi Al-Rakeb, 2021

Does Sustainability Preserve Risk-Adjusted Returns amid Downturns? Evidence from Three Coronavirus Waves in the US

Guillaume Maxence Morlet, 2021

Ideological Homophily and Factional In-Group Bias in Intra-Party Interactions: A Network Analysis of UK MPs on Twitter.

Alexander Hymer, 2021

Do Childhood Mental Health Difficulties Mediate the Relationship Between Child Abuse and GCSE Academic Attainment? A Longitudinal Evaluation

Nicole Marshall, 2021

Real effects of expanded auditor report on real earning management performance: evidence from UK

Ang Li, 2019


Kalyan Kumar Kameshwara, 2018


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