University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Automotive Engineering

Electrically Assisted Turbocharger Simulation

Yutong Tao, 2017

Behavior and impact of Electric Turbocharger on Diesel and Gasoline Engine

Sessine Almdawar, 2017

Eco-Marathon car characterisation and simulation

Chenglong Wei, 2017

Energy Management of Passenger Vehicles

Shikun Duan, 2017

Sleeve valve study

Zhengyang Gu, 2017


Nazli Ozcoban, 2016

Design and modelling a micro pitot tube for unsteady flow measurements

Zikuan Zhang, 2016

TBRe System Analysis and Optimization

Chunyu Li, 2016

High-speed stability of tow-vehicle

Sheng Qin, 2016

Aerodynamic Control Through Bleed-blowing

Yichuan He, 2016

Analysing Gaseous Emissions from a High bemp Downsized Gasoline Engine Based on GT-Power

Peixin Wang, 2016

Design and Testing of a Diesel Injector Spray Visualization Rig

Georgios Charalambous, 2016

University of Bath fuel properties calculator

Dong Ding, 2016

development of eco-marathon vehicle

Jingxiang Shi, 2016

A Study of a Twin-Crankshaft Drive Mechanism Kinematics and Trade-Offs

Eric Javier Fong Cisneros, 2016

Radial Compressor Blade Optimization using ANSYS CFD Modelling Tool

Stefan Tuechler, 2016

Passive Load Control of Wind Turbine Smart Rotor Blades by Using Bleed

Ming Gu, 2015

Twin-entry Turbocharger Turbine ModelingSubmitted by Zheng Liufor the degree of MSc in Automotive EngineeringSeptember

Zheng Liu, 2015

modeling of fuel cell vehicle

Xin Jin, 2015

Evaluating the Impact of Driver Behaviour on Vehicle Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Arpit Jain, 2015

Comparing Conventional Hybrid and E-Turbocharging

Lifeng Hu, 2015


Ishas Jolly, 2015

Automated Turbocharger Mapping

Yang Liu, 2015

Development of the Team Green Vehicle using Ethanol as an Alternative Fuel

Philip Thomas, 2015

Multivariate Analysis to Identify Sources of Error during Rolling Road Vehicle Evaluations

Nicolas Hasselbach, 2015

Alternative Boosting Systems in Highly Downsized Gasoline Engines

Frederik Botes, 2014

Simulate the impacts of look-ahead strategy on hybrid vehicle control

Peng Fu, 2014

Multi Variate Analysis to Identify Sources of Error During Rolling Road Vehicle Evaluations

Sam Watson, 2014

Control Strategies for a Range Extender Electric Vehicle

Ganesh Kartik, 2014

Heat transfer characteristics of a solid drum brake

Yiheng Li, 2014

Assessing Powertrain Performance over Current and Future Legislated Drive Cycle

Mengnan Wang, 2014

Development of the Team Green Eco Marathon Vehicle

Anirudh Verma, 2014

Thermal modeling of an air-cooled hybrid vehicle drive

Yi Yin, 2014

Modeling Vibration in a Torque Converter

Yibo Wang, 2013

Waste heat recovery system

Feng Zhang, 2011

Automated testing procedures for ultra boost

Deepak Hari, 2011

Vehicle simulation software

Siyang Ye, 2011

High-fidelity dynamic predictive models of diesel engine NOx emissions using neural networks

Qingning Zhang, 2011

A study of innovation management relating to the aerospace industry using a case study to improve innovation practices for the Organisation Involved

Andrew Joyce, 2011

Design and heat transfer characteristics of a novel brake disc

Arvind Kolangarakath, 2011

Hydrostatic energy recovery device in the vehicle

Hanchen Liu, 2011

Analysis of the effect of biodiesel oxidation on engine performance and emission

Qicen Chu, 2011

Fuel consumption of car and trailer

Kalsank Sanjay Pai, 2011