Masters dissertations

MSc Conservation of Historic Buildings

A proposal of guidance for conserving NYS Whipple bowstring trusses through a reconciliation of British and American conservation practices

Alexandra Carpenter, 2022

Assessing the suitability of Englands Listed Building Consent (LBC) process for listed building homeowners and evaluating the feasibility of a Permitted Development style LBC system.

Jonathan Johnson, 2022

The post occupancy evaluation of a deeply retrofitted historic home indicating the viability of retrofit in carbon emission reduction techniques.

Amy Turner, 2021

The authenticity of China's heritage conservation: the case of Kulangsu, a Historic International Settlement

Shijian Wang, 2021

The conservation of the historic almshouses of Cornwall

Joseph Enys, 2021

Towards a Philosophy for the Authentic Conservation of Historical Artificial Materials and Imitative Techniques

Hadas Rix, 2020

The Adaption of Fire Safety Means in Historic Church Buildings

Anqi Gao, 2020

Permanent impermanence reframing the concept of Archaising buildings in modern China

Ruo Shan Yau, 2020

Material lifecycles and change management in heritage buildings: the reassessment of materialist heritage significance and authenticity

Laura Earwaker, 2020

Exorcising the Spirit of Viollet-le-Duc: Placing Knossos in the History of Conservation Architecture

Robert C Beavis, 2020

The effectiveness of current Graveyard legislation in providing consistency, sustainability and legacy

Charlotte Sexton, 2020

Bats and listed buildings: how to protect the protected

Phillippa Moore, 2020

Wood joints of traditional timber-framed buildings in China: The interpretation and presentation of their features and significance

Zishen Liu, 2019

Keeping the Light: Conservation of Historic Lighthouses in South Wales

Carys Aldous-Hughes, 2019

Building Conservation and Urban Regeneration: with specific reference the The Palace Theatre, Plymouth

Seren Wilson, 2019

Beatrix Potter's Farms: conservation issues and significance of Lake District farmsteads

Rachel Higgs, 2019


Wenjie Li, 2019

The digitalization of Pulteney Bridge

Jutong Chen, 2019

Raising Historic Buildings to New Heights: The incorporation of historic buildings into modern tower developments in dense urban areas

Matthew Roberts, 2019

Promoting architectural heritage: Opportunities for the adaptive re-use of neglected monuments in Pella, Central Macedonia, with particular reference to Giannitsa.

Paraskevi Karavatsi, 2019


Adam Williams, 2019

A review of conservation areas; are they fit for purpose?

Craig Richard Tebbutt, 2019

Taking Out a New Lease of Life: The sustainable adaptive re-use of Londons Historic Industrial Buildings

Rory Aldridge, 2019

The Conservation of Charles Holden's London Underground Stations at the end of the Piccadilly Line

Fiona Kosinski, 2019

Intangible authenticity: approaches to authenticity in the presentation of National Trust stately home interiors to the public

Phoebe Graham, 2019

The History of Shanghai Huaihai Road Area and Its Conservation in Modern Times.

Yue Guan, 2018

The creative response to ruins following the conservation principle

Cheng Qian, 2018

Exploring cooling and heating techniques used in Mughal architecture with a focus on Lahore and their deterioration and conservation

Fiza Mubarik, 2018

Considering an Approach to the Conservation of Chester Castle's Wall Paintings

Jennifer Louise Mccracken, 2018

Changing Roles: Conserving Jakarta's Colonial Built Heritage

Geni Maharani Widjaja, 2018

Buildings at Risk, Current Practice in the Cotswolds AONB and Opportunities for a more Comprehensive Approach

Helena Collett, 2018

Tall buildings and setting: London's rising skyline

Alison Moyle, 2018

Towards a holistic approach to conservation of Living Religious Heritage: analysing the case of Buddhist sites in India

Madhushree Jaltare Bose, 2018


Anna Kyriakopoulou, 2018

Concrete in Historic Building Restoration with particular emphasis on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mystras

Dimitrios Giannakopoulos, 2018

Conservation or Commemoration: Preserving Buildings Associated with Slavery

Sarah Woodley, 2018

The Role of the Non-Professional in Heritage Planning: Applying Citizen Science to the Built Environment

Alana Vidmar, 2018

Historic Cinemas Conservation: The Difficulty of Re-Development Proposals

Daniel O'Neill, 2017

The Antique Intruder: Classical church furnishings in Gothic churches, 1660-1760.

Rory Lamb, 2017

Frozen in Time: Defrosting the Myth of Captain Scotts Cape Evans Hut

Christopher John Gosling, 2017

The Edward Everard building facade designed byWilliam James Neatby during his later years at Doulton.What led to its creation and how this makes it significant.

Annika Pugh, 2017

Heritage and the Housing Crisis Why does the UKs ongoing housing crisis' pose a threat to heritage assets and how can the sustainable residential redevelopment of historic buildings, their sites and settings help to address this problem?

Edward Heritage, 2017

The Work of Philip Webb and his Contribution to Modern Conservation Philosophy

Oliver Burton, 2017

Graffiti: The passage from crime to our shared heritage.

Laura Batham, 2017

New interventions within the curtilage of listed buildings: A critique of the new Exhibition Road Quarter at the V&A Museum

Madeleine Rigby, 2017

Corporate Ownership Leading to the Destruction of Heritage Assets and the New Morgan Matrix Assessment Survey Model

Ashton Morgan Vaughan, 2017

BIM and heritage at risk:study of the potential of BIM in seismic risk prevention, with special reference to heritage assets in Italy

Paola Sannicandro, 2017

ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN HISTORIC BUILDINGS:The Public Perceived Balance Between Retrofitting Measures and Heritage Character

Reyyan Okutan, 2017

THE INTEGRATION BETWEEN CONTEMPORARY AND HISTORIC BUILDINGS: The Compatibility for The Integration of Contemporary Buildings into World Heritage Site With Three Case Studies in Bath

Tugce Busra Su, 2017

A Study of Heritage Authenticity in the Context of Heritage Tourism

Han Huang, 2017

The Interplay of Government and Community in Post-War Reconstruction: The Cases of Dresden Frauenkirche and the Assembly Rooms

Maha Al-Khatib, 2017

Rebuilding Bath after the Blitz: Philosophy & Approaches

Lloyd Dmytro Smerklo, 2017

How has the Occupation of an Historic Country House by a School Impacted its Preservation?

Oliver Charles Howe, 2017


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