Masters dissertations

MSc Finance

Female Chief Financial Officers and Corporate Debt Maturity: The impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the comparison of organisations by reference to the diversity of the Board

Chloe Aylmer, 2021

James Russell, 2021

Research on the Professional Operation of Taiping Science and Technology Insurance Company

Yang Wang, 2021

The Size factor in value and growth stock selection in Chinese market

Yuebin Li, 2021

The Effect of Microfinance on Farmers’ Income: An Empirical Study Based on Mediating Effect

Jieping Feng, 2021

Adjusted inventory turnover’s impact on stock excess return in UK retailers

Zhengzhe Zhao, 2021

Testing the Weak-form Efficiency of Chinese A-share Market: Resistance Break-out Rules Combined with Filter Rules

Bin He, 2021

Capital Structure and Firm Performance: An empirical analysis of listed firms in London

Xinhao Qian, 2021

ESG Risk and Fund Performance

Charlotte Attwood, 2021

Doe’s the second layer scalability solutions improve the performance of digital currency? Comparison between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Roslav Kolev, 2021

An empirical investigation of traditional forecasting methods against machine learning forecasting methods

Pooja Joy, 2021

Impact of Overconfidence and its Manifestations on Trading Behaviours: An Experimental Study

David Casey, 2020

The value relevance of environmental performance: Evidence from UK FTSE All-Share companies

Adrian Jaster, 2020

A market-based calibration of capital requirements

Ali Sarikutuk, 2020

Firm value can be related to dividend per share and dividend-paying stocks can be worth by dividend premium in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

Antika Katewattanakul, 2020

Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on Domestic Equity Mutual Fund Performance: Evidence from Thailand

Chanisara Pongsrikul, 2020

The influence of equity incentive plans on financial performance for Chinese listed firms

Chuchu Wang, 2020

Effects of Cross-Listing on Firm Value-Evidence from AH Cross-Listing Firms

Dan Peng, 2020

Effects of business cycle on the Private Equity funds return depending on the geographic localisation

Daniel De Gasquet, 2020

Geographic Dispersion and IPO Underpricing and Litigation

Darius De Wet, 2020

The relationship between corporate social responsibility expenditure and corporate financial performance: the effect of board composition. A study on UK listed companies.

Douglas Cochrane, 2020

The Impact of Private Equity Funds on Firm Performance: An Empirical Study based on Chinese Growth Enterprises Market

Wang Guixuan, 2020

A Green Approach to Generating Corporate Financial Performance and Stock Returns: An Empirical Analysis of the FTSE All-Share

Guy Baylis, 2020

Black-Litterman Model: A Modern Approach For Equity Investing

Haroun Ouaguena, 2020

To explore the relationship between CSR performance and the cost of debt:Evidence from Europe

Hongxia Guo, 2020

A World of Smart Money An empirical study into the performance of smart beta constructed portfolios/ETFs relative to their comparable market indexes

Jacob Morris, 2020

The effects of capital structure on firm performance of e-commerce industry

Jina Ding, 2020


Jonathan Tetley, 2020

Managerial Overconfidence and Stock Price Crash Risk- An Empirical Study in Chinese Market

Ingxi Zhang, 2020

"CEO overconfidence, overinvestment, and product market competition"

Naihan Yun, 2020

Active versus passive investing: An investigation into the risk-adjusted performance of UK-domiciled funds from 2005 to 2020

Neil Lillelund, 2020

"The relationship between CEO characteristics, CEO overconfidence and M&A"

Shukai Tian, 2020

Government Bond Portfolios Immunisation with Higher-order Duration in Thai Bond Market

Thanyamai Jungprasertsri, 2020

Research on IPO underpricing and its influencing factors: A study of GEM (Growth Enterprise Market) in China

Tong Zhang, 2020

Whether assets influence capital structure of financial firms

Xiangyu Chen, 2020

An Empirical Analysis of Herding Behaviour in China - Based on Dual-Listed Chinese A- and H-Shares

Xiaoxuan Zhang, 2020

The relationship between corporate social responsibility and performance of financial enterprises in China in executive compensation perspective

Yang Yao, 2020

How Chinese Stock Market Returns React to COVID-19 -- based on Fama-French Three-Factor Model

Yiming Liu, 2020

"Leverage, Size Effect and Value Effect on the Stock Return in China"

Yiran Zhu, 2020

An investigation of how Debt-to-Equity ratio and tangibility affect financial distress in Chinese listed companies in real estate industry from 2012 to 2018

Yiyun Xu, 2020

Impacts of female CFOs on corporate tax aggre

Ziqi Gao, 2020


Ziran Zhou, 2020

Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy - an investigation of Japanese companies

Caroline Arnaud, 2019

An Application of Principal Components Analysis to the FTSE 100

Jigar Pipalia, 2019

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Performance on Corporate Financial Performance in M&S


The Accuracy and Determinants of Earnings Forecast in the Disclosure of Australian IPO Companies

Yi Zheng, 2019

Analysis of Zombie firms in China - Impact on Industry and Unemployment

Zhengyu Chen, 2019

"Financial Literacy, Financial Attitude, and Financial Knowledge Towards Financial Behaviour: Evidence from Shanghai, China"


How many factors are needed to describe the London Stock Exchange?: An Empirical Study

Michaela Painter, 2019

Epirical study on the relationship between company fundamentals and equity price - Evidence from Chinese real estate industry

Ziheng Dai, 2019

Investigation of different accounting measures in predicting future GDP growths: Evidence from China

Yu Qiu, 2019

The impact of capital structure on firm performance - from the perspective of executives' gender



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