University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Management

The research of consumer purchase intention on Luxury products: an empirical study on Chinese market

Cai Aina, 2016

Competitive Advantage in the Low Carbon Economy - Strategic Considerations in the Automotive Sector.

Maropoulos Alexander Paul, 2016

An approach to solving blood shortages through introducing an ad hoc donation process using greedy construction heuristics to develop a software tool as proof of concept.

Volanis Charilaos, 2016

"In the modern world of 'creative destruction' and disruptive innovation, how can industry incumbents sustain competitive advantage and adapt for survival?"

Osborne Conan, 2016

An analysis of the effects that leaving the European Union will have on the UK motor manufacturing industry

Godley Dan, 2016

Examining impact of augmented feature on consumer behavior: A study of augmented feature in furniture mobile app

Yang Jingyi, 2016

Should UK supermarkets continue to sell Fairtrade goods?

Sterlini John, 2016

"Recapturing the Pirates: Why individuals illegally source music, and how the industry can win them back."

Stott Lewis, 2016

"An Investigation of the Relationship between Financial Literacy, Myopic Consumption and Long-Term Mortgage Lending in the UK"

Bennett Oliver, 2016

Utilitarian value and hedonic value in online shopping in Thailand : The case study of consumers in Bangkok

Kidmai Onrumpa, 2016

"Perceived employability in China: Career identity, personal adaptability, and human and social capital"

Guo Ting, 2016

To make or buy: what motivates organisations to outsource? A case study of a manufacturing organisation in Pakistan

Amna Rajput, 2013

The Power of Contracts and Trust: A Case Study on Thai Road Construction Project

Ayut Pisnuvisayavat, 2013


Batuhan Kol, 2013

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Analyzing EDI in the outbound logistics in Unilever Thailand

Benchapon Sirisae, 2013

Different rewards in job satisfaction for Young generation labors in China: A case study of Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Chen Liu, 2013

The Country-of-Origin(CoO) effect of Italian brands in China's leather footwear market

Fang Song, 2013

The symbolic consumption of brands in relation to the link between male image and appearance: A study of the UK male personal care sector

Giselle Vreugde, 2013

A critical analysis of managerial approaches to stakeholder identification in UK engineering construction projects and their application to the development of models of stakeholder theory

Gregory Rendell, 2013

The Physician Leadership Effect Perceptions of Leadership Effectiveness in NHS Hospital Trusts

Gregory Zahner, 2013

"What are the achievements of Millennium Development Goal 3.1, concerning gender equality, in relation to the ""Bottom Billion"" countries?"

Hayley Davies, 2013

The Impact of RFID on Retail Supply Chain Management: A Case Study of the METRO Group

Huawei Gao, 2013

Is Giving Taxing? An empirical investigation into the relationship between corporate donations and corporate tax payments.

Jade Brindley, 2013

Emerging Rational for Technology Adoption to support Track and Trace in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Jessica Thornley, 2013


LinLin Loh, 2013

Intergenerational influence on skincare brand equity among Chinese young adults: with the moderating effect of family-related variables

Mengting Wu, 2013

The Relationship Between Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Organizational Identity Formation. A study of Sustainable-design Start-up

Moussa Ndoye, 2013

How can an entrant firm use social media marketing as a medium to market its product in an emerging market (India)? A qualitative case study of Tata DOCOMO

Nakul Jambotkar, 2013

An investigative survey of ethical consumers within a Management context: do personal characteristics denote a likelihood for a certain outcome and how can any such outcomes be relevant to Management academic literature?

Peter Russell, 2013

Evaluation of stock management practices in start-up and established restaurants in India

Prithika Rajagopal, 2013

Determinants of Japanese Direct Investment in Thailand

Samita Kheawchaoom, 2013

How does an Enterprise Resource Planning system help in Streamlining a Pharmaceutical Supply Chain?

Sonal Kalani, 2013

The influence of physical environment in Thai restaurant: Customer satisfaction and Behaviour intention

Sutharat Sriariyakun, 2013

Brand management in local service SMEs: an exploratory case study of the brand positioning strategy employed by a website creation firm in Japan

Tomo Onda, 2013

Customer attitude towards shopping fast fashion online: based on the theories of perceived risk and hedonic value

Xiang Xu, 2013

Do they walk the talk?: a study on the attitude-behaviour gap of ethical decision making of natural and organic toiletries of Chinese female college students in the UK

Xiangjie Cui, 2013

How can Chinese store-level retailers design and implement a customer-driven supply chain strategy through understanding customers' demand for different types of products to improve existing supply chain performance: A case study on Friends Forever Grocer

Yan Zhu, 2013

The Impact of Trust and Power on the Roles Played by UK Manufacturing SMEs in Supply Chains

Yi Gong, 2013

Service Recovery and Perceived Justice: A netnographic study of consumers' perceptions and preference

Yinxue Li, 2013


Strzemiecka Urszula, 2013

Internationalisation Process of Family-owned SMEs in Japan: Capabilities Perspective

Takaya Nakano, 2012