Masters dissertations

MSc Management

The Impact of Brexit on the Temporary Recruitment Sector in the UK: A Case Study of The Best Connection Group Ltd

Roxanne Sweeney, 2019

An Exploration into the Impact of Consumer Age and Gender on the Success of Sports Sponsorship and Endorsements in Enhancing Brand Image

Rosey Smythe, 2019

What is the role of firms in ensuring the ethical use of facial recognition technology? An exploratory study of facial recognition technology ethics.

Simon Dennis, 2019

Are the Perceptions and Emotions of Instagram Users Affected by Influencers' Authentic Positioning?


An Investigation into the Behavioural Effect of Cause-Related Marketing on Consumers

Jack Davies, 2019


Steffan Osman-Wiggan, 2019

Investigating the Involvement of Information Disclosure and Investor Sentiment in Initiating Hot Issue Markets within Individual Industries in the United States

Brittany Miller, 2019

A holistic investigation into the brand equity of KPMG and possible CBBE inter-dimensional synergies

David Goodwin, 2019

Social Media Influencer Advertising: The Attributes and Their Effectiveness on the Purchase Intention of Millennials in China

Yishu Liu, 2019

How does social media engagement impact the relationship between attendees and music festival brands?

Dafni Kampani, 2019

Which are the most effective strategies at using build to rent schemes to drive value for developers and support UK housing issues?

Talbot Samuel, 2019

A Comprehensive Exploration of Digital and Traditional Business Models through the Lens of Disruptive and Incremental Innovation - A systematic Review of the Evidence

Lila Tienabeso, 2019

Gender Discrimination and Age Discrimination in Workplace

Fangzhu Wu, 2019

Business Ethics: The Impact of Unethical Business Behaviour on a Firm's Financial Performance

Nat Ratapipat, 2019

Immunization with the Nelson-Siegel Model -- Implementation and Calibration

Jiawei Yang, 2019

The Influence of Executives Compensation on Real Activity Earnings Management - an Empirical Research on Chinese Stock Market

Xuefei Tang, 2019

How do top executives' compensation affect the corporate performance in China?

ZHANG Miao, 2019

A Comparative Study of the Motives of Eastern and Western Social Media Users to Be Prone to Accept the Recommendations from SMIs

Chenyuan Li, 2018

Digital Healthcare Innovation: a case for a holistic approach to digital platforms for the treatment of medical professionals classified with a substance use disorder

Courtney Steacy, 2018

Customer Perceptions of Risk Management in Online Banking Applications among Traditional and Open Banking Platforms


Digitalisation in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Critical Evaluation of Big Pharma's Competitive Advantage and the Opportunities for Incumbents to Provide Beyond-the-Pill Services

Papaioannou Konstantina Maria, 2018

A systematic review of the factors influencing Motivation and its relationship with job performance among health workers: an evidence based perspective


Increasing the Effectiveness of Faculty Recruitment at a UK Business School

Matilda Payne, 2018

The role of the university in establishing start up ventures from academic research: A case study analysis of the University of Bath

Simon Kirke, 2018

Taste and Tastemaker: an analysis of the rising trend of 'bad taste' in the luxury fashion market

Xiaoxiao Wang, 2018

Using Twitter Sentiment to Gauge Market Perceptions towards Smart Speaker Adoption

Daniel Buckland, 2017

Robustness & Resilience in Supply Chain Network Designs: An Analysis of the supply chain risk management for Coca-Cola, Samsung & Zara to identify best practice

Joshua Bee, 2017

The Challenges and practices of developing and preserving brand equity in the business-to-business pharmaceutical industry

Scott Molloy, 2017

A Social Sustainability Assessment of the UK Wine Industry: The implications and Recommendations for Employee Retention Developmant and Recruitment

Greg Palmer, 2017

Do diversification benefts exist in Chinese commercial banks?

Bingyu Zheng, 2017

Creating and sustaining a High Performance Environment: A case study of the World Class Start Rowing Programme in Bath

Stephanie Clutterbuck, 2017

The influence of the valence of Online Word-of-Mouth and Critical review towards Thai moviegoers.

Komthasana Dvadasin, 2017

What happen when customers participate in brand

Kornkamon Rujirosampai, 2017

Why online reviews? The use of online cosmetics reviews of Thai consumers

Narisorn Norasethsataporn, 2017

Empirical Tests of the Institutional Factors' Effects on the debt Maturity structure: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Listed Firms

Yuchen Wang, 2017

Online fashion influencers-turned-entrepreneurs:marketing to and with communities of followers

Lydia Asimakopoulou, 2017

Business Model Innovation: The case for autonomous cars

Tanya Savage, 2017

The role of desire for control on product adoption in Thai context

Pataraporn Kiettisarnpipopt, 2017

The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Financial Performance of Publicly Listed Companies in the US Pharmaceuticals Industry

Omar Ahmed, 2017

Overcoming the Advertising Irritation from Online In-stream Videos: Insight of Thai Users

Mathawee Sriwilasluk, 2017

Influence of Supporting factors in the implementation of E-health service in India

Arjun Narendran, 2017

Need for luxury brands to think global act local in the Indian market: an exploratory research of luxury brands in India adopting glocalisation approach

Kashish Agarwal, 2017

Integrading Organisational Cultures: A systematic Review of Leadership in Mergers and Acquisitions

Hannah Brambani, 2017

Political Consumerism: A conceptualization of boycotters, boycotters and their market choices

Stylianos Tachtsidis, 2017

Influencer Marketing: Defifning the Characteristics of the Instagram Opinion Leader

Alexandra Greeves, 2017

The Implementation of Lean Principles and Techniques in Food Industry Small- Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Emma Mckie, 2017

What are the antecedents, drivers and inhibitors to Supply Chain Collaboration in the Alcoholic Drinks Industry and how do they achieve Collaborative Advantage?

Alessandra Twigger, 2017

Are Millennials the greenest generation? An exploratory study on the factors affecting consumers' intention to purchase green products

Natalie Tobin, 2017


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