University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Management with Marketing

Delivering Value for Brands from Promotional Competitions on Social Media

Ward Flo, 2016

"Omni-Channel Retailing: consumers' perceived 'creepiness', intrusiveness and reactance to proposed methods of integrating online and offline"

Monnington Gabrielle, 2016

Chinese Luxury Consumers' Purchase Intention Towards Luxury Sustainable Products

Liu He, 2016

The Impact of eWOM Information From Online Review Website Upon Thai Consumers' Purchase Intention The Case of Wongnai Website and Consumer Intention to Visit a Restaurant

Laisiriroj Narawadee, 2016

A study of HFSS food marketing and parental purchasing decision in Thailand

Krishnamra Nicha, 2016

The effectiveness of brand placement in Chinese reality television shows: how program-induced psychological responses influence brand attitude and purchase intention

Wu Yina, 2016

The Role of Instagram Connections in Learning Consumption-Related Skills, Attitudes, and Behaviors: instapeers

Destina Ezgi Cavdar, 2015

Achieving the Unthinkable: Can Supermarket Retailers in the United Kingdom Successfully Sustain Loyal Consumers?

Aislinn Hanna, 2013

To see or not to see?: An exploratory study of effective components of trailers across three different film genres in order to stimulate viewing decision and pre-release word-of-mouth activity.

Kampani Ioulia, 2013

Brand Authenticity of the Morgan Motor Company: The Consumers' Perspective

Joseph Kibirige, 2013

"Investigating the influence of ""Korean Wave"" on Thai consumer behaviour towards Korean brands"

Junyong Cho, 2013

Building A Bank's Customer-Based Brand Equity Through A Facebook Page

Pichapa Rathprasert, 2013

The influences on brand equity after an inferior brand acquired a superior brand: A case study of Lenovo

Qian Huang, 2013

Reward-based crowdfunding platform as the new shopping arena What is the most effective way to raise funds with concept stage's products/services?

Sireetorn Chanchamcharat, 2013

The impact of generations in mobile banking: Using the TAM model to predict mobile banking adoption in Sweden

Sofie Runnquist, 2013

An analysis into how much Celebrity Endorsement of Sainsbury influences Consumer Purchase decision in UK

Vishal Muthuveerappan, 2013

Corporate branding in SMEs: an exploratory study in China's wedding planning industry

Yingmin He, 2013