University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Modern Applications of Mathematics

The Development and Application of a Dynamic Mathematical Model, with a Spatial Extension, to Investigate the Effects of Uncertainty on the Delivery of Chemotherapy when used to Treat Gliomas and Acute Leukaemia

Jasmine Rance, 2017

Behaviour of general Oldroydfluids in flows with singularities

Shaunagh Downing, 2017

Epidemic spread on group-structured networks

Ian Harvey, 2017

Optimising the Power Output ofWave Energy Converters

Vivien Maertens, 2017

Convergence and stability ofresource allocation in an LTEcellular network

Aaron Pim, 2017

Reduced-Rank Kalman Filter for Data Assimilation

Sotiroula Andreou, 2017

Markov Chain Monte CarloMethods for Image NoiseReduction and Analysis

Daniel Murphy, 2017

A Pade-type method of approximating the Fox-Li operator's spectrum

Daniel Burrows, 2017

Early Outcome Modelling Approaches for Credit Risk Application

Kelly Laura James, 2016

Nonlinear least squares approximation for seismic data representation

Raquel Gonzalez Farina, 2016

Distributed Heuristics For Optimizing Femtocell Performance

Sian Webster, 2015

Shape Characterisation of Explosively Formed Fragmentation

Eleanor Adams, 2015

Model-independent pricing and hedging of financial derivatives.

Yexin Li, 2015

Evolution of the Grain Size Distribution in Steel

Francesco Saverio Patacchini, 2013

Tuning of rsync algorithm for optimum cloud storage performance

Maria Constantinou, 2013

Wireless Coverage: an efficient, exact, full disk coverage algorithm

Tadeo Corradi, 2013

Compensating for Voxel-Shift During Tomographic Image Acquisition of Bees Using Diagnostic Radioentomology

Katarina Tothova, 2012

An extended model of the recycling wastecollection process

Aliki Yiannakou, 2012

Modelling Product Movement

Matthew Wise, 2012

Measuring in-hive components within honeybee colonies

Peter Saxon, 2011

Multilevel Wiener-Hopf Monte-Carlo simulation for Levy processes

Gowri Suryanarayana, 2011

American options, pricing and arbitrage bounds

Ruga Miyairi, 2011

Modelling tropospheric electromagnetic wave propagation over irregular terrain

Richard Perkins, 2011

Symplectic numerical methods and applications

Terence Norton, 2011

An improved algorithm for the MESH WiFi problem

Lei Li, 2011

The Cramr-Lundberg model for the ruin and dividend problem

Han-Fen Hu, 2011

Entropic repulsion

Horacio Gonzalez Duhart Muoz de Cote, 2011

Preconditioning of iterative methods for the transport equation

Jack Blake, 2011

Estimated of mesh quality in grids generated for aerospace applications

Carla Isobel Hampson, 2011

Error analysis in electrical impedance tomography imaging

Stephen Cook, 2011

Optimising a waste collection service

Roxanne Tamara Evering, 2011

Network growth models in LTE-advanced mobile phone networks

Sarah Lloyd, 2011