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Procurement information for staff

Guidance, regulations and forms for staff working with goods and service suppliers. You must be connected to the University network to see content on this page.

News and service updates

The latest news and updates from the Procurement team.

Supplier Expo 06 June 2024

Meet with suppliers and find out about their products, including lab equipment, stationery, furniture, consultancy services, estates supplies, and IT equipment.

No purchase order, no pay

To support measures to control our non-pay expenditure, the University has agreed to implement a ‘No Purchase Order, No Pay’ Policy with immediate effect.

How to buy

Information about the University procurement policies and processes.

Procurement Policy and processes

This policy states the rules which apply to the acquisition of all supplies, services and works by or on behalf of the University of Bath.

Procurement Strategy

The strategy that we follow to make sure we meet our targets for excellent procurement internally, externally and among peers.

Procurement code of conduct

Procurement Practitioners should follow this guidance to manage potential conflicts of interest when purchasing goods and services for the University

Following the purchasing processes

How to follow the University process for purchasing products or services, including calculating spend, sourcing suppliers and receiving approval.

Contracts and Suppliers

Information and guidance about finding the right internal or external product, service or supplier.


Key procurement forms

Small quote form

Use the small quote form (SQF) for goods and services you've purchase on behalf of the University between £2k and £9999k.

Bid evaluation document

Complete the bid evaluation document (BED) before making any purchase or series of purchases with a total spend between £10,000 and £40,000, including VAT.

Single action waiver

You should complete the single action waiver (SAW) form to let us know why you can not get competitive quotes from suppliers for a product or service.

New supplier application

The form you and a new supplier need to complete before they can provide products or services to the University.

Contract for services schedule

A template for when engaging a consultant or professional services that you can use to set up a contract between the University and a supplier.

Raising your purchase order

Guidance on how to raise your mandatory purchase order (PO) to your supplier.


A guide to how to raise a requisition in Agresso and follow that through to a Purchase Order.

NESA (Contract for Services) and NESEC

Guidance on how to engage with suppliers that may fall under the NESA process.

NESA process key messages

NESA process key messages, including when the process applies, checking if an Agresso supplier needs an employment assessment and how to raise a purchase order.

About us

We support University departments in their procurement activities and manage the procurement strategy, policies and processes.

We're also responsible for corporate contracts, purchasing arrangements and establishing and maintaining effective procurement.

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