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University of Bath

Professor Julie Barnett Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Associate Dean (Research)

Julie oversees research strategy and doctoral training for the Faculty.


Julie Barnett was appointed as Associate Dean (Research) for the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences in August 2019.

In overseeing research and doctoral training for the Faculty she works closely with the Associate Deans for the other three Faculties as well as the Vice-Chancellor for Research, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences and the leadership team in the Doctoral College.

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Julie is a social and health psychologist with particular expertise in risk. Her interests include:

  • public appreciation of risk
  • risk communication and risk management
  • integration of digital technology with everyday lives
  • social and policy implications of engagement with new forms of data


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Julie worked at the Universities of Surrey and Brunel before coming to Bath in 2013.


Julie completed her undergraduate degree in Social Psychology at Loughborough University and master's and PhD at University of Surrey.